12th English Subjective Question

12th English The Earth Chapter VVI Subjective Type Question With Answer

9. The Earth

(a) Who is tenant farmer? 

Ans. A tenant farmer is one who does not have the ownership of the land and has to pay the rent to the master of the land for working on his land.

(b) What did Benjy understand about hen?

Ans. Benjy understood that a hen exists for the purpose of laying eggs.

(c) What silent belief did Benjy’s parents cherish about their land? 

Ans. Benjy’s parents cherished a silent belief that the earth would one day outgrow its poverty.

(d) What did Benjy want to do with the money?

Ans. With the money, Benjy wanted to buy four acres of land next to his. parents’ rented land.

(e) Who had Johnson rented their land from?

Ans. Johnson had rented their land from a man named Sanders.

(f) What information did Sanders give them that made them happy? 

Ans. Sanders’ informed them that Benjy was going to buy the land they had been on renters. This piece of information made them happy.

 (g) What did the doctor advise Benjy’s parents to ensure his mental growth? 

Ans. The doctor advised his parents to encourage Benjy to keep hens to ensure his mental growth.

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