12th English 50 Marks

BSEB 12TH English 50 Marks VVI Subjective Short Long Question Answer on Latest Pattern,

12th Board Exam English Most Important Subjective Question Answer, Inter Exam Most VVI Objective Subjective Guess Question Model Set


1. Answer any two of the following, each in about 75 words. 2×5= 10

(A) Do men invent machines because they are lazy ?

(B) How did the photographer arrange his studio ?

(C) Why was letterwriting done more carefully in the past ?

(D) Why do some people not remember to take medicines

(E) What factors produce good manners?

2. Show that you have read and understood any one of the following poems. 1×5= 5

 (A) The Daffodils

(B) The Soldier 

(C) The Lake Isle of Innisfree

3. Explain any one of the following in about 75 words. 1×5= 5

(A) Why did Peggotty take David to visit her brother ?

(B) Why was Miss Betsey disappointed when David Was born ? What was her reaction ?

(C) Give a character sketch of Micawber or Uriah Heep.

4. Write a paragraph in about 75 words on anyone of the following: 1×5= 5

(A) Terrorism

(B) Honesty is the best policy 

(C) Curse of poverty

(D) Şlow and steady wins the race.


1. (A)  At first glance it does appear that men invent machines because they are lazy. But this is afar from the truth. Machines take a long time to be invented–there goes behind them the patient study, investigation and labour of a dedicated team of scientists and research assistants, Could a lazy man have done this? In fact, machines have been invented by.man to perform his work with greater effciency.

(B) Actually the photographer’s studio had poor lighting arrangement. Sunlight came through a stcép, of factory cotton which was fixed on pasted window. in the middle of he room there was a big camera. A black cloth was attached to the camera. The photographer arranged his studio in such a manner as stated above.

(C) Letter-writing was done more carefully in the past because in those days people had more leisure time for such work and postage was much more expensive than it is today. Actually they were not in a hurry.

(D) Some people do not remember to take medicines with them. They forget to have medicines with them because of their dislike for pills of medicines. Most of the people do not like to use medicines as they hesitate to have them. Actually they neglect the medicines.

(E) There are many factors to produce good manners. One can have good manners if one has sympathy. Through sympathy a good sensse is developed. One can show one’s good manners if one is polite. One can show kindness to other if one is genile and meek. As a matter of fact we should have sympathy with others and we should known limitations. In fact sympathy is the best thing to produce good manners.

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2.  (A) Wordsworth has been called the greatest poet of Nature.This does not “mean that his poetry is only about trees, forests, hills and valleys. This great romantic poet has a comprehensive philsophic vision. This vision includes the whole cosmos of which man and nature are but parts. Thus Wordsworth is more a poet of man than of nature. In any case, he does not see man apart’ from Nature. Real knowledge and wisdom are born out of man’s communion with nature. Thus Wordsworth is always the hero of his poem. He explores meaning in man’s life and finds it only in man’s communion with nature. This poet even reaches god-head through nature. Nature is as much a scripture (धार्मिक ग्रंथ) of God as is the Bible.

True, in The Daffodils the poet gives the picture of nature :in a few of its aspects. At the centre are the golden daffodils dancing and tossing their heads along the edge of the Grasmere lake. There is the gentle wind that gives them motion to dance. The waves in the water of the lake are also dancing. Then there are the clouds high up over the valley and the hills. Then there is the comparison of the unending line of daffodils with the unending line of the milkyway made up of twinkling stars. Then at the focal point is the poet himself with a deep concern ; 

 I gazed and gazed but little thought

 What wealth the-show to me liad brought. 

That is exploring’a meaning in Nature. Wordsworth of course.’ finds it. In the school of nature he learns geat truths and wisdom. He developes a philosophic mind that can see beyond the present and even beyond the terrestrial existence. Thus when he is lonely and depressed and the present is shorn of all meaning, the past comes to his rescue. The experience of the past come into the present and the poet is saved from depression and lineliness. The sights of the past as of the daffodils flash on his inner eyes. 

 And then my heart with pleasure fills. 

 And dances with the daffodils.

(B) “The Soldier” is a patriotic poem in form of sonnet composed by the great war poet Rupert Brooke. The poet describes the feelings of an English soldier who goes to a foreign country to fight for his country. He feels that the piece of foreign land where he will be burried in case of his death will be forever England, his own country. He considers the piece of foreign land to be England because he was born and brought up in England. He also expresses his sense of gratitude of his country for everything he got there the flowers, the air he breathes, the laughter that he has learnt from friends. Thus the poem shows the poet’s great love for his motherland.

(C) A very pleasing characteristic of Yeats’s poetry is the expression of spiritual urges in utterly simple form. Known in the beginning for his poems on love and passion that had a personal backgroud, he turned to various kinds of spiritual practices out of which he wrote deeply moving poems. 

Lake Isle Of Innisfree is a popular lyric in which he gives expression of his desire to move to Innisfree, an island near Ireland, entirely free from worldly distractions. It has such beautiful surroundings that help mind stay away from worldly thoughts. In fact, Nature is not an external source of spiritual happiness. It is part of a cosmic order that induces mind  to control pleasures of senses and turn to such ideas and thoughts that sustain purity and selflessness. 

Yeats draws up a very evocative picture of Innisfree. It is a place where bees are humming, where peace comes in drops and where there is gentle light even at midnight. All these details are extraordinary and are supposed to create a picture of beauty marked with spiritual grace. Although Yeats uses slightly long lines he has retained simplicity of diction. It is all in consonance with the lofty theme.

3. (A) Peggotty took David to visit her brother for a few weeks in yarmouth because Mr. Murdstone and David’s mother were  getting married.

(B) Miss Betsey expected a baby girl to be born. But as a baby boy-David was born she began angry and harsh. As the reaction, she left David’s house immediately.

(C) Mr. Micawber is a memorable character of the novel He is a funny person. He has a brown shirt on and tight black shoes.  He has a bold appearance. He has a long extensive faced Though he is shabbily dressed, he has an impositiong shirt collar on. He is stout and middle aged and carries a showy stick with ornamental silk threads hung to it and a magnifying glass in his pocket. He is industrious and affectionate. He does business. He is always optimistic and always waits for a windfall, for something to turn up. He is always in good spirits. He has chosen a life of lethergy and debt. He had managed to make many friends becauese of his genial temperament and lived as a result of their i generioustity.

He is a funny figure. He always takes happiness wherever he goes. He is like the sunshine that radiates joy everywhere. He never loses hope. He is sluggish in his business but is ready to help others. He makes everyone laugh. In his family, Mrs. Micawber always carries a child and is never ready to be parted with him. Mr. Micawber earns little and so there is disturbance in the house. 

In spite of his poverty and debt Mr. Micawber is very honest. He could have made a lot of money by working with Uriah Heep. But he did not want to be on a dishonest path. He gave ethics a superior place than his personal profits. He read out the charges against heep one by one with full proof and exposed Uriah Heep. By his selfless act he brought comfort to Miss Trotwood and also Agnes and Mr. Wickifield. His resourcefulness, truth and good knowledge of law helped him. He became a successful Magistrate in Australia. Thus he used his knowledge of law for a good purpose. 

Mr. Micawber was a lovable character. Without him there would have been a vacant space in the novel. He was grandiloquent in ‘speech and shifty, in money matters, but he was much competant. He had a smile on his face to deal with the customers. 

Mr. Micawber is one of the person who cannot be bounded by the limii of hope and the tyranny of time. He is not ready to leave his moral of truth and cheerfulness despite the adverse ” circumstances of poverty, debt and imprisionment. He is a good person. Dickens had possibly created his character in the likeness of his father.


     (A) Terrorism

Terrorism is a sort of threat. It is a way to inforce its law and principle over. ahead the world. It affects economic, social psychological and political lives. It happens due to injustice, exploitation, poverty and bossism. 

Life is insecure in the world of today. Everywhere terrorist activity is at work. Not only our country but also powerful countries like U.S.A., Russia, U.K., Spain, Gulf countries and other are in the grip of terrorism. 

Terrorism is created by the arms race. Sophisticated arms are being supplied to the people who want to imply in their principle the world. On the point of arms they incline the world to measure their power 

Now terrorists are most powerful. They are out of control. They disturb the world. They have creatted havoac. Afganistan and Iraq are its burning example. 

In our country Naxalities MCC, Hijbul and Boro disturb the government for their demands. 

In short, effort is going on till now to eliminate terrorism from our country. 

 (B) Honesty is the best policy

 Honesty is the best policy because it pays in the long run. Dishonesty may prosper for the time being. The story of Manikuhdala from “The Puranas” make it clear. Manikundala believes that honesty is the best policy. So he has to give up everything including his two eyes and two arms. His friend, Gautani believes in dishonesty. He deceives his fast friend, Manikundala: He becomes rich. But he gambles with that money and becomes a poor beggar. Manikundala is cursed by Bibhison’s son. He becomes rich by marrying the princess of Mahapura. Thus Manikundala prospers because he is an honest man. At last Gautam also realizes that honesty is the best policy.

 (C) Curse of poverty

 Poverty is really called a curse. It is the cause of all social evils. There are lots of people ini society. Who are unable to afford daily recessities of their life. They have hardly a square meal in their mouth. They live in slums and jhuggi it honparis. They lead a life of misery and distress. They easily commit many kind of crime. Poverty is also me main reason of poor healthy and early death. Poverty is really a curse.

 (D) Slow and steady wins the race

  Success comes to only those who are slow and steady. Life is a race that takes lot of confidence and will power to succeed ahead of others. We should be very strong in performing our tasks with dedication and sincerity. One who is very careful in each and every movement towards the goal can only achieves success. So, rightly said is that slow and steady wins the race. 

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