12th English Subjective Question

BSEB 12th English The Artist Chapter VVI Subjective Question with Answer

6. The Artist

(a) Where did Seibei live?

Ans. Seibei lived in a harbour town.

(b) Which type of gourd did Seibei like?

Ans. Seibei liked even and symmetrical gourds.

(c) Why did Seibei wander about the town?

Ans. Seibei wandered about the town in search of gourds.

(d) Why did Seibei’s father shout at him? 

Ans. Seibei’s father shouted at him because Seibei’s comment on the Baken gourd made him angry.

(e) What made Seibei’s heart beat faster? 

Ans. There was something rare about that five inches long gourd and it made Seibei’s hears beat faster.

(f) Which is called effeminate pastime in the story? 

Ans. The hobby of collecting gourds is called effeminate pastimes in the story.

(g) How much did the curio-dealer pay for the confiscated gourd?

Ans. The curio dealer paid fifty yen for the confiscated gourd.

(h) What did Seibei do after he was forced to give up collecting gourds? 

Ans. After he was forced to give up collecting gourds, Seibei took to painting picture.

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