12th Biology Model Set in English

BSEB 12th Exam Biology Most VVI Model Set Paper Question in English

12th Exam Biology Model Set Paper इंटर परीक्षा जीव विज्ञान मॉडल सेट पेपर प्रशन

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>> Class 12th Board Biology Model Set Paper Question on Latest Pattern


1. Water holding capacity is one of the qualities of –

(A) Soil

(B) Plants

(C) Water

(D) Animals

Answer:- (A)

2. Gametes are usually-

(A) Haploid

(B) Diploid

(C) Polyploid

(D) Nulliploid

Answer:- (A)

3. The phenotypic ratio for F2 generation in Incomplete dominace is- 

(A) 3:1

(B) 2:2

(C) 1:2:1

(D) None of these

Answer:- (A)

4. Uterus is related to-

(A) Male Reproductive system

(B) Female Reproductive system

(C) Plant Reproductive system

(D) All of these

Answer:- (B)

5. Amphibians among plants belong to-

(A) Algae

(B) Bryophytes

(C) Fungi 

(D) Pteridophytes

Answer:- (B)

6. Brewery is concerned with-

(A) Saccharomyces

(B) Protozoans

(C) Pteridophytes

(D) Marsupials

Answer:- (B)

7. Gynoecium is made up of-

(A) Stigma

(B) Style

(C) Ovary

(D) All of these

Answer:- (D)

8. In certain cases for early and accurate detection of disease we may use-


(B) Culture

(C) Chemical

(D) Analytical

Answer:- (A)

9. Sickle-cell anemia is related to which type of disease ? 

(A) Sex linked disease

(B) Autosomal linķed disease 

(C) Deficiency disease

(D) Metabolic disease

Answer:- (B)

10. For induction of alien DNA in host cell we may use-

(A) Gene gun 

(B) Micro-pipette

(C) Both (A) & (B)

(D) None of these board

Answer:- (C)

11. The anterior portion of sperm is covered by a cap like structure known as-

(A) Acrosome 

(B) Mesosome

(C) Episome 

(D) Spherosome

Answer:- (A)

12. ampR gene is responsible for developing resistance in 

(A) Pest

(B) Insect

(C) Antibiotic

(D) Drought

Answer:- (C)

13. Yeast reproduces by means of-

(A) Budding 

(B) Fragmentation 

(C) Pollination 

(D) All of these

Answer:- (A)

14. Uracil is related to-

(A) RNA 


(C) Both (A) & (B)

(D) None of these

Answer:- (C)

15. Lac operon represents 

(A) Inducible gene system

(B) Repressible gene system, 

(C) Housekeeping gene system

(D) All of these

Answer:- (A)

16. S.L. Miller is related to 

(A) Origin & Evolution of life

(B) Use and disuse theory of evolution

(C) Neo-Darwinism

(D) Neo-Lamarckism

Answer:- (A)

17. Number of deaths during a limited time period and place for a particular population is known as 

(A) Natality

(B) Mortality

(C) Migratory

(D) Integrity

Answer:- (B)

18. RNAi is used to control pests on which plant?

(A) Tobacco

(B) Mango

(C) Potato

(D) Poppy

Answer:- (A)

19. Amplification of gene for interest may be done by-




(D) All of these

Answer:- (B)

20. Dryopithecus is more similar to –

(A) Ape 

(B) Gorilla

(C) Chimpanzee 

(D) Man

Answer:- (A)

21. Organic evolution was preceded by chemical evolution, the champions of this theory are.

(A) A.I. Oparin and J.B.S. Haldane

(B) Charles Darwin

(C) Arrhenius 

(D) Baptiste Lamarck

Answer:- (A)

22. Synthesis of RNA on DNA template is known as 

(A) Translation 

(B) Transcription

(C) Transduction

(D) Replication

Answer:- (B)

23. Pisciculture is related culture of 

(A) Aquatic plants

(B) Aquatic animals 

(C) Silk worms

(D) Lac worm

Answer:- (B)

24. Cry IAb controls 

(A) Corn Borer

(B) Wheat Rust 

(C) Cotton insects

(D) Maize height insects

Answer:- (C)

25. Taichung is a variety of –

(A) Rice

(B) Wheat

(C) Maize

(D) Sugarcane

Answer:- (A)

26. Which of the following is a wrong pair ? 

(A) G≡C

(B) T=A

(C) A=U

(D) T= U

Answer:- (D)

27. Flowers of  Vallisneria species are 

(A) Aneinophilous

(B) Entomophilous

(C) Hydrophilous 

(D) Zoophilous

Answer:- (C)

28. For Nitrogen fixation in soil we may use- : 

(A) Cyanobacteria

(B) Protozoans

(C) Nematodes 

(D) Wheat plants

Answer:- (A)

29. Bio reactors provide optimal conditions to produce désired-

(A) Product

(B) Organism

(C) Medium

(D) All of these

Answer:- (D)

30. Tuberculosis is transmitted by 

(A) Air

(B) Water

(C) Insect

(D) Contact

Answer:- (A)

31. climax community is present in which area ? 

(A) In equilibrium

(B) In transition

(C) Bare land 

(D) None of these

Answer:- (A)

32. Restriction enzymes are known as –

(A) Biological guns

(B) Molecular scissors

(C) Plasmid 

(D) Micro Pipette

Answer:- (B)

33. Opium is obtained from –

(A) Papaver somniferum

(B) Erythroxylum coca

(C) Cannabis sativa

(D) Atropa belladonna

Answer:- (A)

34. B-lymphocytes are produced in 

(A) Bone marrow

(B) Thymus

(C) Blood 

(D) Lymph

Answer:- (A)

35. Transgenic mice may be used for testing of –

(A) The safety of vaccines

(B) Efficiency of fertilizers 

(C) Doses of antibiotic

(D) All of these

Answer:- (A)

36. Pyrimidines present in DNA are –

(A) Thymine and Cytosine

(B) Adenine and Guanine

(C) Cytosine and Uracil

(D) Thymine and Uracil

Answer:- (A)

37. Anemophily is pollination by 

(A) Birds

(B) Bats

(C) Snails

(D) Wind

Answer:- (D)

38. Green plants in an ecosystem are –

(A) producers 

(B) consumers

(C) decomposers

(D) none of these

Answer:- (A)

39. Mendel selected –

(A) Gram

(B) Pinus

(C) Tomato

(D) Garden pea

Answer:- (D)

40. Which one of the following is unisexual ? 

(A) Mustard 

(B) China rose

(C) Papaya 

(D) none of these

Answer:- (C)

41. Which one of the following is the correct food chain ? 

(A) Grass, Wheat and Mango

(B) Grass, Goat and Lion. 

(C) Goat, Cow and Grass

(D) Grass, Fish and Goat

Answer:- (B)

42. Which vitamin is found in golden rice ? 

(A) B12

(B) A

(C) D

(D) C

Answer:- (A)

Class 12th Exam Biology All Chapter Objective & Subjective Question

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