12th Physics Question

BSEB 12th Physics Objective Question Paper Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation Chapter Objective


1. Which one of the following is deflected in electric field ? 

(A) Gamma rays

(B) X-rays. 

(C) Ultraviolet rays

 (D) Cathode rays

Answer:- D

2. Wavelength of a particles of mass m moving with velocity V is : 

(A) λ = mV / h

(B) λ = h / mV

(C) λ = h. mV 

(D) λ = mV / h2

Answer:- B

3. Who established that electric charge is quantised ? 

(A) J.J. Thomson 

(b) William Crookes

(C) R.A. Millikan 

(D) Wilhelm Rontgen 

Answer:- C

4. Cathode rays were discovered by : 

(A) Maxwell Clerk James

(B) Heinrich Hertz 

(C) William Crookes

(D) J. J. Thomson

Answer:- C

5. Definite value of energy possessed by a quantum of radiation is called : 

(A) Proton 

(B) Photon

(C) Deuteron 

(D) Lepton

Answer:- B

6. The phenomenon of photoelectric emission was discovered in 1887 by :

(A) Albert Einstein

(B) Heinrich Hertz 

(c) Wilhelm Hallwachs

(D) Philipp Lenard

Answer:- B

7. Which one among the following shows particle nature of light? 

(A) Photoelectric effect

(B) Interference

(C) Refraction 

(D) Polarization

Answer:- A

8. The maximum value of photoelectric current is called : 

(A) base current 

(B) saturation current

(C) collector current

(D) emitter current

Answer:- B

9. The time taken by a photoelectron to come out after the photon strikes is approximately : 

(A) 10-1s

(B) 10-4 s

 (C) 10-10

(D) 10-16

Answer:- C

10. Who won the Nobel Prize in physics in the year 1929 for the discovery of the wave nature of electrons ?

(A) Erwin Schrodinger

 (B) R.A. Millikan 

(C) Louis Victor de Broglie

(D) Albert Einstein

Answer:- C

11. The rest mass of photon is : 

(A) hν / c

(B) hν / c2

(C) hν / λ

(D) zero 

Answer:- D

12. When the velocity of an electron increases, its de Broglie wavelength : 

(A) increases

(B) decreases 

(C) remains same

(D) may increase or decrease 

Answer:- B

13. Which of the following devices is sometimes called an electric eye? 


(B) Photocell

(C) Integrated chip (IC)

(D) Solar cell

Answer:- B

14. The de Broglie wavelength is given by : 

(A) P = 2πh / λ 

(B) P = h / 2λ 

(C) P = 2π / hλ

(D) P= 2π / λ

Answer:- A

15. Which of these particles having the same kinetic energy has the largest de Broglie wavelength ?

(A) Electron 

(B) Alpha particle

(C) Proton 

(D) Neutron

Answer:- A

16. X-rays are : 

(A) deflected by an electric field

(B) deflected by a magnetic field

(C) deflected by both electric and magnetic fields

(D) not deflected by electric and magnetic fields 

Answer:- D

17. Which of the following radiations cannot eject photo electrons ?

(A) ultraviolet 

(B) infrared

(C) visible 

(D) X-rays 

Answer:- B

18. Evidence of the wave nature of light cannot be obtained from:

(A) diffraction 

(B) interference

(C) doppler effect”

(D) reflection

Answer:- D

19. The charge of a photo electron is : 

(A) 9.1 x 10-31 C

(B) 9.1 x 10-27 C

(C) 9.1 x 10-24 C

(D) none of these

Answer:- D

20. A photocell converts light energy into : 

(A) electrical energy

(B) magnetic energy 

(C) sound energy 

(D) None of these

Answer:- B

21. In which of the following phenomenon does light intera with matter ?

(A) diffraction 

(B) polarisation

(C) dispersion 

(D) photoelectric effect 

Answer:- A

22. Photoelectric effect was discovered by : 

(A) Hertz 

(B) Hallwaqchs

(C) Lenard 

(D) MKillikan

Answer:- A

23. Photoelectric effect can be caused by : 

(A) X-rays 

(B) Visible light

(C) γ-rays 

(D) All of these

Answer:- D

24. β-rays are deflected in: 

(A) gravitational field

(B) only in magnetic field

(C) only in electric field 

(D) both in magnetic and electric fields

Answer:- D

25. The energy of a photon of wavelength λ is: 

(A) hcλ

(B) hc / λ

(C) hλ / c

(D) λ / hc

Answer:- B

26. When light enters into glass its Wavelength :

(A) Decreases 

(B) Increases

(C) Remains the same

(D) None of these

Answer:- A

27. Dimention of plank constant is : 

(A) MLT-1 

(B) MLT-2

(C) MLT-1 

(D) MLT2

Answer:- A

28. The energy of emitted photo electron depends upon : 

(A) Intensity of light

(B) Wave length of light 

(C) Work-function of metal

(D) None of these

Answer:- B

29. The critical angle of light passing from glass to air is minimum for: 

(A) Red colours

(B) Green colour

(C) Yellow colour 

(D) Violet colour

Answer:- D

30. Transverse nature of light is shown by : 

(A) Interference

(B) Reflection 

(C) Polarisation

(D) Dispersion

Answer:- C

31. The minimum angular momentum of electron in Hydrogen atom will be: 

(A) h / π Js

(B) h / 2π Js

(C) hπ Js

(D) 2π h Js

Answer:- B

32. Kirchhoffe’s second law of conservation of :-

(A) charge 

(B) energy

(C) momentum 

(D) angular momentum 

Answer:- B

33. Life of a fossil in estimated by : 

(A) carbon dating 

(B) X-ray

(C) y-ray 

(D) laser

Answer:- A

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