12th Physics Model Set Question in English

BSEB 12th Physics VVI Objective Model Set Question Inter Exam Physics Important Question

12th Physics VVI Model Set- 1 

1. When a ray of light enters a glass slab, its wavelength –

(A) increases

(B) decreases

(C) remains unchanged

(D) none

Answer:- (B)

2. If two converging lenses of equal focus distance f are in contact with each other, then the focus distance of the coincidence

(A) f

(B) 2f

(C) f / 2

(D) 3f

Answer:- (C)

3. Brewster’s law.

(A) μ = sin ip

(B) μ = cos ip

(C) μ = tan ip

(D) μ = tan2 ip

Answer:- (C)

4. Which of the following wave has minimum wavelength

(A) infrared rays

(B) Ultraviolet rays

(C) γ-rays

(D) X-rays

Answer:- (C)

5. The radius of curvature of a plane mirror is

(A) Anant

(B) zero

(C) +5 cm

(D) -5 cm

Answer:- (A)

6. The hemisphere of a convex lens is painted black. Of the image produced by him

(A) size will increase

(B) Size will decrease

(C) intensity will decrease

(D) None of these

Answer:- (C)

7. The focus distance in the air of a lens (μ = 1.5) is 20 cm. The focusing distance of the lens in a refractive medium of 1.5 would be

(A) 120 cm

(B) 40 cm

(C) 10 cm

(D) ∞

Answer:- (D)

8. Algebraic sum of all currents at a point in an electrical circuit

(A) is infinite

(B) is positive

(C) is zero

(D) is negative

Answer:- (C)

9. Kilowatt hour is a unit.

(A) Energy

(B) Power

(C) force moment

(D) force

Answer:- (A)

10. Power of electric circuit is

(A) V.R

(B) V2R

(C) V2 / R

(D) V2RI

Answer:- (C)

11. Lange’s law is related

(A) Charge

(B) by mass

(C) Energy

(D) From the conservation principle of momentum

Answer:- (C)

12. The sensitivity of the moving horoscope can be increased

(A) By reducing the number of rounds in the horoscope

(B) By increasing the magnetic flux

(C) By increasing the area of ​​the coil

(D) Copy. Increase unit spacing

Answer:- (C)

13. Self -attachment of a horoscope is a measure.

(A) Electrical inertia

(B) electric friction

(C) induced global force

(D) induced current

Answer:- (A)

14. The free sky is transducer

(A) 8.85 x 10-12 C2N-1m-2

(B) 8.85 x 10-12 C2Nm-2 

(C) 9 x 10-9 Nm2C-2

(D) 9x 109 Nm2C-2

Answer:- (A)

15. 64 common droplets each with a capacitance of 5 μf, making a large drop. What will be the capacity of the big drop?

(A) 164 μf

(B) 20 μf

(C) 4 μf

(D) 25 μf

Answer:- (B)

16. How many esu is equal to 1 coulomb charge?

(A) 3x 109

(B) 9x 109

(C) 8.85 x 10-12

(D) None of these

Answer:- (A)

17. If a strip of glass is moved between the plates of an air capacitor, its capacitance-

(A) will increase

(B) will decrease

(C) will remain constant

(D) will be zero

Answer:- (A)

18. Three capacitors, each having capacitance C, are connected in series, their capacitance is equal.

(A) 3C

(B) 3 / C

(C) C / 3

(D) 1 / 3C

Answer:- (C)

19. Magnetism

(A) MLT-2I-2 

(B) MLT2I-2

(C) MLT2I2 

(D) MLT-2I

Answer:- (A)

20. Iron atom is

(A) per magnetized

(B) paramagnetic

(C) Iron magnetized

(D) None of these

Answer:- (C)

21. S.I. Unit of magnetism in the method –

(A) ampere / meter

(B) Ampere-meter

(C) Henry / Meter

(D) No unit

Answer:- (C)

22. Amplitude is the value of modulation index.

(A) always 0

(B) Between 1 and ∞

(C) Between 0 and 1

(D) Always ∞

Answer:- (C)

23. The action of n-p-n transistor has relation between emitting current Ie, base current Ib, and collector current Ic.

(A) Ic = Ie -Ib

(B) Ib = Ie – Ic

(C) Ie = Ic – Ib

(D) Ib = Ic – Ie

Answer:- (A)

24. Resistance of semiconductor with increasing temperature –

(A) increases

(B) decreases

(C) sometimes increases sometimes decreases

(D) remains unchanged

Answer:- (B)

25. The logic gate shown in the figure is –(A) OR




Answer:- (D)

26. Hydrogen bomb based.

(A) Only on nuclear fission

(B) Only on nuclear fusion

(C) on both fission and fusion

(D) On radio activation

Answer:- (C)

27. is the highest frequency

(A) γ-ray

(B) Blue light

(C) infrared rays

(D) Ultraviolet rays

Answer:- (A)

28. Use of diodes.

(A) Like amplifier

(B) Like the oscillator

(C) Like the Rectifier

(D) Like a modulator

Answer:- (C)

29. λ is the energy of photons of wavelength.

(A) h / λ

(B) h λ

(C) h λ / C

(D) hc / λ

Answer:- (D)

30. Which of the following expresses the signal of photon

(A) hv

(B) hv / c2

(C) h / λ

(D) hc / λ

Answer:- (C)

31. Used as a light source in optical transmission

(A) Zener diode

(B) laser diode

(C) photo diode

(D) Photo-boltaic cell

Answer:- (C)

32. L.E.D. Then the entanglement occurs when

(A) Light is emitted from it.

(B) Light is not emitted from it.

(C) There is absorption of light in it.

(D) None of these

Answer:- (B)

33. The ratio of the force between two electrons and two protons in the same position will be.

(A) 1042

(B) 1039

(C) 1036

(D) 1

Answer:- (D)

34. Equal capacity. K n capacitors are added first in parallel order and then in series. In both cases the ratio of equivalent capacitance will be

(A) n: 1

(B) n2: 1

(C) 1: n

(D) 1: n2

Answer:- (B)

35. Magnetic moment is the direction of M (Vector).

(A) From North Pole to South Pole

(B) magnetic Perpendicular to the axis

(C) From South Pole to North Pole

(D) None of these

Answer:- (C)

36. The conductor force of the coil does not depend

(A) On the resistance of the coil

(B) On wire wraps

(C) Changes in the face

(D) None of these

Answer:- (A)

37. The physical amount fixed in the transformer is

(A) Potential

(B) Section

(C) frequency

(D) None of these

Answer:- (C)

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