12th English 100 Marks Model Set

Class 12th English Most VVI Model Set Question on Latest Pattern

Class 12th Exam English Most VVI Objective Model Set Question कक्षा 12 इंटरमीडिएट परीक्षा अंग्रेजी का महत्वपूर्ण ऑब्जेक्टिव मॉडल सेट प्रशन उत्तर

12th English VVI Model Set – 4

1. Simple living and high thinking is the base of ……… 

(A) Iranian Civilization

(B) Indian Civilization 

(C) American Civilization

(D) European Civilization

Answer :- (B)

2. ……… is the prime instrument of nation building. 

(A) Education 

(B) Trade

(C) Foreign help 

(D) Agriculture

Answer :- (A)

3. Who is the author of the prose piece ‘A Pinch of Snuff’? 

(A) Murli Manohar Joshi

(B) Manohar Pandya 

(C) Manohar Malgaonkar

(D) Vikram Naipal

Answer :- (C)

4. I Have a Dream is a part of speech delivered by…….. 

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) HE Bates 

(D) Martin Luther King Jr.

Answer :- (D)

5. In …….. the last step was never taken.

(A) India 

(B) China

(C) Germany 

(D) France

Answer :- (B)

36. Who has written the prose piece ‘The Artist’? 

(A) Rabindranath Tagore

(B) Mahatma Gandhi 

(C) Shiga Naoyai

(D) Shiv Naipal

Answer :- (C)

7. The Second chief source of a newspaper’s revenue is ……. 

(A) Grant by the Govt.

(B) donation

(C) debt. 

(D) the wealth of owner

Answer :- (D)

8. ‘The Earth’ is a ……. 

(A) drama 

(B) poetry

(C) story 

(D) essay

Answer :- (C)

9. India through a Traveller’s Eye is an inspiring ……… 

(A) essay

(B) story

(C) novel

(D) drama

Answer :- (A)

10. That is a load off my back, said …… 

(A) Choobookov

(B) Lomov

(C) Somov

(D) Romov

Answer :- (A)

11. John Donne feels that a ……… is very hopeless. 

(A) man

(B) animal

(C) bird

(D) goat

Answer :- (A)

12. Iin the first line of the poem ‘Song of Myself’ is the poet…… 

(A) Walt Whitman

(B) John Keats

(C) John Donne 

(D) Kamala Das

Answer :- (A)

13. The leaves are falling ……… 

(A) fast

(B) slow

(C) good

(D) soon

Answer :- (A)

14. The poet feels that after his death nobody will………. her. 

(A) forget 

(B) remember

(C) love 

(D) hate

Answer :- (B)

15. ……. is a maser of criminal. 

(A) Macavity 

(B) Racavity 

(C) Nacavity 

(D) Rodger

Answer :- (A)

16. “Snake’ is written by. 

(A) W.H. Auden 

(B) T.S. Eliot

(C) D.H. Lawrence

(D) John Donne

Answer :- (C)

17. She noticed a …….. behind the door of the bedroom. 

(A) cat

(B) dog

(C) cow

(D) ox

Answer :- (B)

18. Keki N Daruwala belongs to ……… religion. 

(A) Hindu 

(B) Islam

(C) Christian 

(D) Zoroastrian

Answer :- (D)

19. English language is ……… than Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, Latin etc. 

(A) Older 

(B). Much older

(C) Younger 

(D) Much younger

Answer :- (D)

20. There are ……… main periods in the history and growth of English language. 

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

Answer :- (B)

21. New York is……….. large city. (Choose the suitable article) 

(A) a 

(B) and

(C) the 

(D) no article required

Answer :- (A)

22. The thief was sent to ………… prison. (Choose the suitable article) 

(A) a 

(B) and

(C) the 

(D) no article required

Answer :- (D)

23. I have written a letter to my friend. (Choose the correct passive voice)

(A) My friend was written a letter.

(B) My friend will be written a letter.

(C) My friend has been written a letter to. 

(D) My friend had been written a letter.

Answer :- (C)

24. They settled the dispute amicably. (Choose the correct passive voice) 

(A) The dispute is settled amicably.

(B) The dispute was amicably settled. 

(C) The dispute has been amicably settled. 

(D) The dispute will amicably settled.

Answer :- (B)

25. It has to be done at any cost. (Choose the correct active voice) 

(A) We must do it any cost.

(B) We should do it at any cost.

(C) We shall do it at any cost. 

(D) We have to do it at any cost.

Answer :- (D)

26. He said to me, “May God bless you!” (Choose the correct Indirect Narration )

(A) He asked that God might bless me.

(B) He said that God might bless me.

(C) He prayed that God might bless me. 

(D) He prayed that God might bless you.

Answer :- (C)

27. The girl asked me who I was. (Choose the correct Direct Narration)

(A) The girl said to me, “Who is you?”

(B) The girl said to, “Who are you?”

(C) The girl said to me, “Who are you?” 

(D) The girl said to I, “Who are you?”

Answer :- (C)

28. Students are impatient …………. the results. (Choose the correct preposition) 

(A) with

(B) at

(C) for

(D) none

Answer :- (C)

29. My intimacy with him dates back ……….. our school days. (Choose the correct preposition) 

(A) with

(B) to 

(C) into

(D) none

Answer :- (B)

30. We were horrified ………… the sight. (Choose the correct preposition) 

(A) at

(B) into

(C) on

(D) none

Answer :- (A)

31. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) He has already left for Mumbai.

(B) He is already left for Mumbai.

(C) He will already left for Mumbai. 

(D) He may already left for Mumbai.

Answer :- (A)

32. Choose the correct sentence: 

(A) I have a homework to do.

(B) I have homework to do.

(C) I has homework to do. 

(D) I will has homework to do.

Answer :- (B)

33. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) I have been working for all night.

(B) I have been working all night.

(C) I had been working since all night. 

(D) I been working all night.

Answer :- (B)

34. Children ……….. chocolates. (Choose the best option) 

(A) like 

(B) liking

(C) likes 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

35. A snake charmer ………… cobra a poisonous snake. (Choose the best option) 

(A) will catching 

(B) catches

(C) have caught 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (B)

36. Good students always ……….. hard. (Choose the best option) 

(A) work 

(B) is working

(C) had worked 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

37. I missed the bus. I was late. (Choose the most suitable combination of sentences) 

(A) I missed the bus because I was late.

(B) I missed the buts but was late.

(C) I missed the bus and was late. 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

38. This is the house. My parents lived here. (Choose the most suitable combination of sentences) 

(A) This is the house where my parents lived.

(B) This is the house and my parents live.

(C) This is the house but my parents live. 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

39. He …….. come tomorrow. (Choose the correct option) 

(A) may 

(B) dare

(C) need 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

40. ………. I borrow your umbrella? (Choose the correct option) 

(A) should

(B) would

(C) may

(D) must

Answer :- (C)

41. ………… you pass one the salt? (Polite request) (Choose the correct option) 

(A) can

(B) could

(C) may

(D) might

Answer :- (B)

42. Choose the correct spelling : 

(A) extreme 

(B) extromi

(C) exrotreme 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

43. Choose the correct spelling : 

(A) recognise 

(B) rekognise

(C) rechognise 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

44. I asked my friend to come to my …….. so that we could play. (Choose the correct meaningful expression) 

(A) shelter 

(B) locale

(C) territory 

(D) house

Answer :- (D)

45. One is filled with ……. when one hears of a happy incident. (Choose the correct meaningful expression) 

(A) Joy 

(B) Joyous

(C) Happy 

(D) Pleasure

Answer :- (A)

46. She ……. six books on Indian Mythology. (Choose the correct meaningful expression) 

(A) have written 

(B) has written

(C) will written 

(D) be written

Answer :- (B)

47. My beloved often ………… me in the evening. (Choose the best option) 

(A) visits 

(B) visited

(C) visiting 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

48. Are you ………… anything tomorrow afternoon? (Choose the best option ) 

(A) do

(B) did

(C) does

(D) doing

Answer :- (D)

49. Virat Kohli ………… for India. (Choose the best option ) 

(A) playing 

(B) plays

(C) were get 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (B)

50. He says that he will go to Delhi. (Choose the correct Clause option which is italic.) 

(A) Noun clause 

(B) Adverb clauses

(C) Adverb clause

(D) Principal clause

Answer :- (A)

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