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Summary of The Essay ‘Good Manners’ Chapter 12th English

Summary of The Essay ‘Good Manners’ 12th English chapter & More VVI Question

Summary Of Good Manner’s

‘Good Manners’ are the most desirable when a young man is with older people. They require his sympathy. Young people should treat older persons kindly and sympathetically. They should be considerate of them. They should try to make life easy for older people. When they grow old they will fell happier for having helped when they could. 

Good manners are also important when younger people are in the company of their friends. They should be clear in their speech so that bearers may have no difficulty in understanding them. One should change ones expression from person to person because the same word may carry different meanings for different people. Young people should be polite in their day to day dealings. 

Sometimes even compelementary words from elderly persons irritate young men. If an elderly lady looking at a boy’s dress enquires whether he is a boy scout he should not feel insulted. The lady might have been impressed by his smartness. It is only foolish people who take such remarks literally. They should try to understand the intended meaning of the speaker. One must be very cautious in one’s conversation. A man can be frank with those who welcome frankness, otherwise he should be guarded in his speech. Conversation is never a one way traffic. It requires at least two sides. When one is engaged in talk, only should also allow the listener to express himself. One who goes on speaking without allowing others to speak is called a bore. So a speaker should turn a listener after speaking for sometime. Sometimes it is quite pleasant to be quiet when the other man in company does not like the talk to continue. 

It is decent to speak ill of someone behind his back nor It is safe to speak so because our remarks usually find their way to the person with our name attached.

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We usually think that only we are right others are quite wrong. This over confidence is not wanted in a polite society. So in our argument with other persons we should remember that there is all possibility of our being wrong, however confident we may feel about it. 

Good manners come from compassion, understanding and realisation of one’s limitations. What we very confidently call the truth is just our truth and part of a larger truth. We should always keep in our mind that we are humble, unimportant little people on this earth. We should try to help the world as much as we can in our short stay on this earth. Fellow feeling and kindliness are essential human virtues. We should try to help our fellow men as much as we can because we may not get another chance to come in this world as human beings. 

What is the greatest danger from Politicical divisions.

 The greatest danger from political divisions is of war. Although so far as the buying and selling and exchanging of goods  are concerned. We can go back a couple of hundred years back by war. Thus the war is the greatest danger from political division.

Why Was letter-writting done carefully in th past?

Letter-writing was done more carefully in the past because in those days people had more leisure time for such work and postage was much more expensive than it is today. Actually they were not in a hurry. 

when does absent minded become a virtue?

 Absent minded may become a virtue. When one does not crowd his mind with memories of things. This gives space to one’s mind for grand thoughs.

Give Character sketch of Robin ?

 Robin was a very faithful dog. He was very bold. He had firm control over his nerves. He was capable of learning out of his own mistakes. He always showed the presence of mind. He could smell the presence of a leopard. 

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