12th English 50 Marks

12th Bihar Board Exam English 50 Marks Model Set Question

1. Choose the correctly spelt word: 

(A) Umbrela 

(B) Umbrella

(C) Umbarala 

(D) None of these

2. Man has invented machines to save …. 

(A) time and energy

(B) pleasure

(C) labour 

(D) boredom

3. Radha sits ………….. Rekha and Sita. 

(A) at

(B) in

(C) over 

(D) between

4. Why does David go to Yarmouth? 

(A) to go to school

(B) to visit Peggotty’s family 

(C) to visit his aunt

(D) to find a wife

5. While you were reading I ………….. sleeping. 

(A) am 

(B) was

(C) shall 

(D) none of these

6. ……… sun rises in ……… east. Choose the suitable article) 

(A) A, the 

(B) An, a

(C) The, a 

(D) No article

7. You are ……… fool to say that. (Choose the suitable article) 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No article

8. She was proficient… 


(A) in 

(B) into 

(C) by

(D) with

9. Is that boy related ……..You?

(A) by 

(B) with

(C) into 

(D) to

10. Choose the correct meaning of pharase, ‘Give in 

(A) approve 

(B) like

(C) permit 

(D) yield

11. Choose the correct meaning of pharase ‘Hold your tongue

(A) Вe silent 

(B) Give advice


(D) Argue

12. Choose the correct spelt word.

(A) opponent 

(B) oponent

(C) oopenent 

(D) oppenent

13. Choose the correct spelt word. 

(A) Narsary 

(B) Nersery

(C) Nirsary 

(D) Nursery 

14. She is pretty. Her sister is also pretty. (Choose the correct option of combination) 

(A) She is as pretty as her sister.

(B) She and his sister is pretty.

(C) She is pretty and her sister is also pretty. 

(D) She is pretty as her sister.

15. This is the house. Ramu built it. (Choose the correct, option of combination)

(A) This is Ramu built house.

(B) This is the house that Ramu built.

(C) Ramu built the house. 

(D) House is built Ramu.

16. ………….. you live long! 

(A) Can 

(B) Cought

(C) May 

(D) Might

17. ………… I carry your bag

(A) Can 

(B) May

(C) Must 

(D) Ought

18. He ………. speak French. 

(A) Can 

(B) Must

(C) May 

(D) Does

19. They have cut all the telephone wires. (Change into passive voice). 

(A) All the telephone wires will be cut.

(B) All the telephone wires had been cut.

(C) All the telephone wires have been cut. 

(D) All the telephone wires shall be cut.

20. Ishall write a letter. (Change into passive voice). 

(A) A letter is writting by me.

(B) A letter will be written by mė.

(C) A letter has written to me. 

(D) A letter has been written by me.

21. The author, Prof. C.E.M. was a well known 

(A) American philosopher and writer

(B) British philosopher and writer

(C) India philosopher and writer

(D) None of them

22. The Photographer’s studio was – 

(A) very bad 

(B) neatly arranged

(C) not properly arranged

(D) broken

23. J.C. Hill has written the essay 

(A) Robin 

(B) Forgetting

(C) Good Manners

(D) Our Own Civilization

24. In the essay ‘On Letter-Writing’ two brothers are 

(A) Jack and Tom 

(B) Bill and Sam

(C) Tom and Jim 

(D) None of them 

25. Where has a list of articles lost by railway travellers  been published?

(A) At a great American station

(B) At a great Londan station 

(C) At a great Indian station

(D) None of them. 

26. William Wordsworth has written the poem 

(A) ‘The Daffodils’

(B) Echo

(C) If 

(D) The Soilder

27. Rudyard Kipling has written the poem 

(A) If 

(B) Echo

(C) The Daffodils 

(D) The Soldier

28. W.B. Yeats has written the poem 

(A) The Soldier 

(B) The Daffodils

(C) Echo 

(D) The Lake Isle of Innisfree .

29. The poem ‘Adlestrop’ is the description of a 

(A) plane 

(B) bus

(C) train 

(D) ship 

30. Betsy Trotwood is the aunt of 

(A) Peggotty 

(B) Agnes

(C) Mr. Dick 

(D) David

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