12th English Subjective Question

A Pinch of Snuff Chapter VVI Guess Subjective Question 12th English

3. A Pinch of Snuff

 (a) Who was coming to visit the Narrator’s (Manohar Malgaonkar’s) family? 

Ans. Nanukaka was coming to visit the narrator’s family.

(b) How long.was Nanukaka to stay with the narrator’s family?

Ans. Nanukaka was to stay for two or three days with the narrator’s family.

(c) How is the narrator related to Nanukaka?

Ans. Nanukaka is his mama, his mother’s brother. 

(d) Who was the second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet? 

Ans. The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was the minister.

(e) What new role did Nanukaka give the Under-Secretary to play? 

Ans. The new role Nanukaka gave the Under-Secretary to play was that of a liveried chauffeur.

(f) “This tie-and-collar business is no good these days.” What did Nanukaka mean to say? 

Ans. By this statement, Nanukaka meant that wearing tie-and-collar was falling out of fashion.

(g) The Under-Secretary always obeyed Nanukaka, although he was never willing to do so. Why? 

Ans. He had to do it out of courtesy and humility, because Nanukaka was his mother’s brother.

(h) Nanukaka made a big promise to Sohanlal Ratiram. Did he ever fulfil his promise? 

Ans. No, he didn’t.

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