12th English Subjective Question

Bharat is my home Chapter Short Long Type Question 12th English

2. Bharat is my home

 (a) What is the business of education? 

Ans. The business of education is to make constant growth of national culture and character. It is a prime instrument of national purpose which depends upon its quality.

(b) What does ‘work on one’s self mean’? What is its end-product? 

Ans. “The work on one’s self’ means to follow the urge towards moral development as a free person under self imposed discipline to serve the society in a graceful manner.

(c) Wiry does Dr. Zakir Husain call India “The young State of an ancient people”? 

Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain calls India the young state of an ancient people because they have striven to realise timeless and absolute values in their own way through the cooperation of diverse ethnic elements.

(d) What did Radhakrishnan bring to the Presidency? 

Ans. Dr. Radhakrishnan brought to the Presidency a material equipment, a degree of education and wealth of experience. He has never lost his faith in the essential humanity that every man has the right to live in dignity and with .justice.

(e) What is the essential humanity of man according to Dr. Zakir Husain? 

Ans. According to Dr. Zakir Husain the essential humanity of man is that everyman has the right to live in dignity and with justice.

(f) In what context did Zakir Husain say, “Bharat is my Home”?

Ans. Dr. Zakir Husain says that Bharat is my home and its people are his family in the context that people had chosen him the head of the family (India). Being the head of the family he wants to make his home strong and beautiful, a worthy home for great people engaged in the building up just, prosperous and graceful life without the distinction of caste, colour, creed and religion.

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