12th English 100 Marks

Bihar Board 12th Inter Exam 2020 English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set 2 On New latest pattern Practice Set

Bihar Board 12th English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set

There are 60 objective type questions, out of which only 50 objective type questions be answered. 

1. He has been absent ………….. Monday

(A) since 

(B) for

(C) from

(D) by

2. I always ………….. the car twice a week.

(A) washes 

(B) wash

(C) washing 

(D) washed

3. Did you remember .. the letter? 

(A) post 

(B) posting

(C) to post 

(D) to posting

4. He is …………. postman.

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the

(D) No Article

5. Bring me ………… of water. 

(A) some glass 

(B) a glass

(C) a piece of glass

(D) an glass

6. Drivers ………….. drive over the speed limit.

(A) should 

(B) can

(C) must not 

(D) must 

7. What …… you been doing ?

(A) was

(B) will

(C) have 

(D) should

8. Wasted time ………….. returns. 

(A) never 

(B) forever

(C) always 

(D) must not 

9. Patna is situated ………… the bank of the Ganga, : 

(A) at 

(B) on

(C) of 

(D) to

10. The house was painted by Tom. (Choose the best active voice)

(A). Tom was painting the house.

(B) Tom is painting the house.

(C) Tom paints the house. 

(D) Tom painted the house.

11. She was killed in ………… accident. 

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

12. ………….. pen is mighter than ………. sword.

(A) A, an

(B) An, the

(C) The, the 

(D) No Article

13. Gét me ………….. kilo of rice from ……….. nearest grocer. 

(A) a, the 

(B) the, the

(C) the, a 

(D) No Article

14. You should abstain … 

(A) with 

(B) from 

(D) into

15. He never despaired ….. success. 

(A) of 

(B) over

(C) into 

(D) in 

16. She learns English. She learns Hindi. (Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) She learns English as well as as Hindi.

(B) She learns Egnlish and Hindi.

(C) She learns both subjects. 

(D) None of these

17. This book is easiar. That book is easy (Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) This book is easier than that book.

(B) This book is easier from that book

(C) This book is easier of that book. 

(D) None of these

18. Gandhiji …………. advice Nehru and Patel. 

(A) ought to 

(B) would

(C) used to 

(D) could

19. His eyes sight is weak. he ………. to wear glasses. 

(A) had 

(B) does

(C) has 

(D) was

20. You ………… to work in this branch. It is and order form the head office.

(A) are 

(B) had

(C) do 

(D) did

21. Choose the correct sentence. 

(A) They all love each other.

(B) They all love one another. 

(C) They all love either.

(D) They all love oneself.

22. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) They hurt theirself.

(B) They hurt themself. 

(C) They hurt themselves.

(D) None of these

23. The antonym of ‘Alive’ 

(A) Walk 

(B) River

(C) God 

(D) Dead

24. The shopkeeper deals ………… Nepalese goods. 

(A) in 

(B) over

C) besides 

(D) from

25. Mohan deals fairly ……. his friend. 

(A) with 

(B) into

(C) in 

(D) over

26. Your answer is ………… the point. 

(A) besides 

(B) over

(C) by 

(D) since

27. They waited her for ………… hóur. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

28. …………. moon is shining in ……….. sky.

(A) A, the 

(B) An, the

(C) The, the 

(D) No Article

29. ………….. you bruch your teeth every morning. 

(A) Are

(B) Have

(C) Do 

(D) Was

30. They ….. talking at the top of their voice and distrubed us. 

(A) are 

(B) had

(C) do 

(D) were

31. In winter people burn a lot of oil. (Change into passive voice)

(A) Oil is burned in winter by people

(B) People burn oil in winters a lot. 

(c) Oil is being burned in winter by people. 

(D) A lot of oil is burnt by people in winter.

32. A very old friend helped me.(Change into passive voice) 

(A) I was helped by a very old friend.

(B) My friend helped me

(C) My old friend helped me

(D) My friend who was old helped me

33. T’he synonym of  ‘Gain’

(A) loss 

(B) profit

(C) help


34. ì said to my teacher, “Good morning, madam.” (Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) I told my teacher to good morning 

(B) I respectfully wished my teacher good morning.

(C) I wished that my teacher have good morning. 

(D) I bid good morning to my teacher.

35. Rashi said, “My mother is my best friend.” (Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) Rashi said that my mother is my best friend.

(B) Rashi said that my mother was my best friend.

(C) Rashi said that her mother was her best friend. 

(D) Rashi thinks her mother to be best.

36. Choose the Correct sentence. 

(A) America is ready to give us farther help.

(B) America is ready for give farther help.

(C) America is ready to take farther help. 

(D) America will ready to give us farther help.

37. Choose the Correct Sentence. 

(A). I will going there tomorrow.

(B) I has going there tomorrow

(C) I had going there tomorrow

(D) I will be gone there tomorrow

38. ‘A secred cow’ means 

(A) a person never to be criticised 

(B) a saintly person 

(C) a very religious person

(D) a helpful person

39. Choose the correctly spelt word. 

(A) Governor 

(B) Govirnor

(C) Givernor 

(D) Geever

40. Matter written by hand called 

(A) Manuscripts 

(B) Sculpture

(C) Inscription  

(D) Monument

41. The tendency of Indian civilization is to elevate

(A) immorality 

(B) partiality

(C) moral being 

(D) dishonesty

 42. Indian civilization is 

(A) godless

(B) based on a belief in God

(C) based on partiality 

(D) based on matter

43. Dr. Zakir Hussain died in 

(A) 1959 

(B) 1969

(C) 1979 

(D) 1989

44. Nanukaka was installed in— 

(A) the guest room

(B) the drawing room 

(C) author’s bedroom

(D) the varandah

45. Who has written the story, The Artist’? 

(A) P. S. Buck 

(B) M. Gandhi

(C) S. Naoya 

(D) None of these

46. Shiga Naoya was born in 

 (A) 1873 

(B) 1853

(C) 1883 

(D) 1893

47. The news in the newspaper is generally 

(A) to the point 

(B) somewhat changed

(C) completely changed

(D) None of these

48. Decent journalists and resposible editors are not pleased with present affairs

(A) true 

(B) not true

(C) cannot be said 

(D) None of these

49: Buck’s family doctor was the 

(A) English 

(B) Indian

(C) American 

(D) Chinese

50. Gandhi’s hold was upon

(A) intellectuals 

(C) both 

(D) None of these

51. Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe’ is……….. 

(A) a sonnet 

(B) an ode

(C) a lyrics 

(D) a ballad.

52. Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe’ has been addressed to … 

(A) Donne’s sister

(B) Donne’s mother

(C) Donne’s friend 

(D) Donne’s wife

53. Auden won the Pulitzer Prize in ……. 

(A) 1947 

(B) 1948

(C) 1949

(D) 1950

54. Auden was

(A) a poet 

(B) a verse dramatist

(C) a critic 

(D) All of these

55. The term ‘crumble’ used in the poem, ‘An Epitaph! means i to ………….. 

(A) die 

(B) live

(C) suffer 

(D) None of these

56. The tone of the poem, ‘An Epitaph’ is… 

(A) happy 

(B) melancholy

(C) romantic 

(D) None of these

57. Who has composed the poem, ‘Fire-Hymn’? 

(A) K.N. Daruwallah

(B) Kamala Das hni 

(C) J.Mahapatra

(D) None of these

58. K.N. Daruwallà received Sahitya Akademy Award  in ………….. 

(A) 1983 

(B) 1984

(C) 1985 

(D) 1986

59. Who has composed the poem, ‘My Grandmother’s House!?

(A) Kamala Das 

(B) A.K. Ramanujan

(C) Sarojini Naidu

(D) None of these 

60. Who is the Speaker in ‘My Grandmother’s house’ ?

(A) Toru Dutta

(C) S.K. Kumar 

(B) Kamala Das

(D) None of these 


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