12th English 100 Marks

Bihar Board 12th Inter Exam 2020 English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set 1 On New latest pattern Practice Set 

Bihar Board 12th English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set

1. Ahmedabad is ………… Manchester of India. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No article

2. He ……………. video games.

(A) had playing

(B) am playing

(C) are playing 

(D) is playing

3. They ………… here next week… 

(A) had come 

(B) coming

(C) came 

(D) will come

4. Look ………… this painting.

(A) in 

(B) at

(C) of 

(D) off

5. The Mughal ruled ………. India. 

(A) in 

(B) over

(C) with 

(D) into

6. Choose the correct sentence:

(A) I have a homework to do.

(B) I have homework to do.

(C) I will have homework to do. 

(D) I having homework to do.

7. Gold is …………… precious metal. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No article

8. We saw him ……… 

(A) leave 

(B) left

(C) will leave 

(D) may leave

9. I’m really sorry ………… you. 

(A) hit

(B) to hitting

(C) hitting 

(D) for hitting

10. We drove …………… the desert. 

(A) aboard 

(B) beyond

(C) across 

(D) above

11. Who gave you permission to enter? (Choose the best passive voice)

(A) By whom where you given the permission to enter?

(B) By whom given you permission to enter?

(C) By whom you were given permission to enter?

(D) By whom was you given permission to enter? 

12. He has been deceived by his own friend. (Choose the best active voice)

(A) His friends had been deceiving him.

(B) His own friends are deceiving him.

(C) His own friend has deceived him. 

(D) His own friends were been deceiving him.

13. They ………… their new car two weeks ago. (Choose the correct tense form):

(A) will buy 

(B) have bought

(C) buy

(D) bought

14. What ………… you doing when I met you? (Choose the best option)

(A) were 

(B) was

(C) are

(D) did

15. Health is very important. It must not be neglected. (Choose the correct combination)

(A) Health is very important to be neglected.

(B) Health is too important to be neglected.

(C) Health is not important to be neglected. 

(D) Health has too important to be neglected.

16. ………….. you lend me your book? (Choose the best auxiliary verb)

(A) Shall 

(B) Will

(C) Must 

(D) Have

17. I……. a letter to her yesterday.(Choose the best verb form) 

(A) had written 

(B) can write

(C) wrote

(D) will write

18. Socrates said, “Virtue is its own reward.” (Choose the best option) 

(A) Socrates said that virtue had its own reward.

(B) Socrates say that virtue had its own reward.

(C) Socrates said that virtue is its own reward. 

(D) Socrates say that virtue was its own reward.

19. He asked me whether I had finished reading the magazine. (Choose the best option)

(A) He says to me, “Have you finished reading the magazine?”

(B) He said to me, “Have you finished reading the magazine?”

(C) He has told me, “Have you finished reading the magazine?”

(D) He ordered, “Have you finished reading the magazine?” 

20. You’ll get used to ……….. early morning walks. (Choose the best meaninful expression)

(A) take 

(B) be taking

(C) taking 

(D) be taken

21. I used ……….. to the cinema a lot. (Choose the best i meaningful expression) 

(A) go 

(B) going

(C) to go 

(D) to going

22. Have you heard her …………. a joke? (Choose the best meaningful expression)

(A) to tell 

(B) to have told

(C) tell 

(D) to telling

23. ……….. his surprise, the door was open.(Choose the correct preposition)

(A) TO 

(B) By

(C) On 

(D) With 

24. The cat jumped ……. the chair. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) inside 

 (B) onto

(C) out 

(D) at

25. It is a painting ………. a famous painter. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) by

(B) in

(C) at 

(D) for

26. Choose the correct sentence: 

(A) He gave me many advices.

(B) He gave advices many.

(C) He gave many advices. 

(D) He gave me many pieces of advice.

27. Choose the correct sentence: 

(A) There are fewer students in the class today.

(B) There are less students in the class today.

(C) There are heavy students in the class today. 

(D) There are much students in the class today.

28. Choose the correct sentence: 

(A) He came here by foot

(B) He came here on foot. 

(C) He came here at foot

(D) He came here over foot.

29. I am tired of …………. (Choose the best option) 

(A) waiting 

(B) had to wait

(C) to wait 

(D) wait

30. I don’t feel like ………….. it. (Choose the best option) 

(A) do 

(B) will do

(C) to do 

(D) doing

31. She liked ………. Many questions at the press conference. (Choose the best option)

(A) being asked 

(B) of asking

(C) asked 

(D) ask

32. I’d like ………….. to movie this afternoon. (Choose the best  option) 

(A) to go 

(B) will go

(C) going 

(D) go

33. It’s Thursday today. Tomorrow it …………. Friday. (Choose the best option)

(A) be 

(B) will be

(C) was 

(D) will

34. A person who rarely speaks the truth is a …………. (Choose the correct answer)

(A) Crook 

(B) Scoundrel

(C) Liar 

(D) Hypocrite

35. ì don’t think Rajesh is …………. to lift this box.(Choose the best option)

(A) Enough strong

(B) too strong

(C) Strong enough

(D) strong too 

36. Find the correctly spelt word: 

(A) Livelihood 

(B) Livlihood

(C) Livelyhood 

(D) Livelyhud

37. Find the correctly spelt word: 

(A) Sycological

(B) Pshkological 

(C) Psychological

(D) Sykological


38. Juhi ……….. a blue skirt today. (Choose the best option) 

(A) wears 

(B) wear

(C) wearing 

(D) is wearing

39. The phone ……….. Can you answer it please? (Choose the best option)

(A) rings 


(C) ring 

(D) is ringing

40. I am …………. prepared. (Choose the best option)

(A) full 

 (B) feel

(C) fully 

 (D) felt

41. The sentence ‘Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty’ is from-(Choose the correct option)

(A) Indian Civilization and Culture

(B) A Child in Born

(C) The Earth 

(D) I Have A Dream

42. ‘Bharat is My Home’ is written by :(Choose the correct option)

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) Shiga Naoya 

(C) Pearl S. Buck

(D) Zakir Hussain

43. Dorothy L. Sayers is alan …………. (Choose the correct option).

(A) novelist 

(B) singer

(C) essayist 

(D) actor

44. Shiga Naoya is a ……….. short story writer. (Choose the correct option)

(A) Japanese

(B) Chinese

(C) Korean 

(D) Malaysian

45. Benjy’s parents had rented their land to a man named. (Choose the correct option).

(A) Sanders 

(B) Kris

(C) Alexander 

(D) Michael

46. Pearl S. Buck taught in a ………… University. (Choose the correct option)

(A) Chinese 

(B) American

(C) African 

(D) British

47. Anton Chekov began his literary carrer by writing. (Choose the correct option)

(A) short stories 


(C) dramas 

(D) comic sketches

48. The line ‘O how feeble is man’s power’- is from :(Choose 

the correct option)

(A) Fire-Hymn 

(B) To Autumn

(C) Snake 

(D) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

49. ‘Leaves of Grass’ is a collection of poems by- (Choose the correct option)

(A) John Donne 

(B) W. H. Auden

(C)T. S. Eliot 

(D).Walt Whitman

50. Whispering neighbors, left and right’ is from – (Choose the correct option)

(A) Fire-Hymn

(B) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast

(C) The Soldier 

(D) To Autumn 

51. ‘Lamia’ and ‘Hyperion’ are written by – (Choose the correct option)

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) P.B. Shelley

(C) John Keats 

(D) S.T. Coleridge

52. Macavity the cat is full of – (Choose the correct option) 

(A) charm 

(B) deceit

(C) beauty 

(D) honesty 

53. Snakes were seen among ……… in ‘My Grand mother’s House’. (Choose the correct option)

(A) beds 

(B) chairs

(C) books 

(D) tables

54. The line ‘Here lies a most beautiful lady’ is from:(Choose .. the correct option)

(A) Snake: 

(B) To Autumn 

(C) Fire-Hymn 

(D) An Epitaph

 55. The printing technology was introduced in England  in (Choose the correct option)

(A) 1466 

(B) 1476

(C) 1486 

(D) 1496

56. ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Coolie’ are written by-(Choose the correct option)

(A) R. K. Narayan

(B) B.C. Chattopadhyay 

(C) M. R. Anand 

(D) S. C. Chatterjee 

57. ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Othello’ are written by-(Choose the correct option)

(A) GB. Shaw 

(B) William Shakespe

(C) Thomas Sachville

(D) T. S. Eliot

58. The English from 15th century till now is called ………….. English. 

(Choose the correct option)

(A) Olds 

(B) Middle

(C) Modern

(D) None of these

59. The word ‘drama’ comes from a ………… word. (Choose the correct option)

(A) Latin 

(B) Scandinavian

(C) Indian 

(D) Greek

60. Wordsworth was a- (Choose the correct option) 

(A) Novelist 


(C) Poet 

(D) None of these

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