12th English 100 Marks

Bihar Board 12th Inter Exam 2020 English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set 4 On New latest pattern Practice Set

Bihar Board 12th English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set

1. A lot of energy ………… wanted on finding the treasure. 

(A) was 

(B) were

(C) can 

(D) will

2. She is ……….. most beautiful girl. 

(A) an 

(B) a

(C) the 

(D) No Article

3. It ………., during the rainy season. 

(A) rain

(B) rains

(C) has rained 

(D) had rain

4. She is shocked because she ………… a terrible accident. 

(A) sees 

(B) is seeing

(C) has seen 

(D) is going to see

5. What do you think ………… Susan? 

(A) at 

(B) in

(C) off 

(D) about

6. Marsha is reading a novel. (Choose the best passive voice) 

(A) A novel was read by Marsha.

(B) A novel had read by Marsha.

(C) A novel is being read by Marsha.

(D) A novel must read by Marsha.

7. Choose the correct sentence :

(A) I wish were I young again.

(B) I wish was I young again.

(C) I wish I were young again. 

(D) I wish I was young again.

8. Rustom was ………… young Parsee. 

(A) a

(B) an 

(C) the 

(D) No Article

9. We …………. to the cinema last night. 

(A) had gone 

(B) go

(C) went

(D) gone

10. Patna is situated ………… the bank of the Ganga. 

(A) at

(B) on 

(C) of

(D) to

11. I love truth and ……………… honesty. 

(A) A 

(B) an

(C) The

(D) No Article

12. Ahmedabad is …………. Manchester of India. 

(A) A

(B) An

(C) The

(D) No Article

13. Russia is ………….. great country. 

(A) A 

(B) An

(C) The 

(D) No Article

14. The calculator is ………. . the table.

(A) on 

(B) at

(C) into 

(D) since 

15. He was angry ………… me. 

(A) on 

(B) with

(C) by 

(D) in

16. I can keep the book. I like. (Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) I can keep the book as long as I like.

(B) I can keep the book and I like.

(C) I can keep book so I like. 

(D) None of these.

17. I told him to stay. I returned. 

(A) I told him to stay until I returned.

(B) I told him stay so I returned.

(C) I told stay for returned. 

(D) None of these

18. Rajesh ………… his mother tongue very fluently, 

(A) speak 

(B) speaking

(C) speaks 

(D) none of these

19. This dog ………… Very loudly. 

(A) barks 

(B) bark

(C) barking 

(D) none of these

20. She ………… be bery tired after this long journey. 

(A) will . 

(B) shall

(C) need out 

(D) had better

21. Choose the correct sentence. 

(A) The police has arrested him.

(B) The police have arrested him.

(C) The police were arrested him. 

(D) The police is arrested him.

22. Choose the correct sentence, 

(A) He give me good advices.

(B) He gave me good advices.

(C) He gave I good advices., 

(D) He gave I good advice.

23. The antonym of ‘Bad’ – . 

(A) Tough 

(B) Good

(C) Hard 

(D) Manner

24. That man is found guilty………… theft. 

(A) by 

(B) of 

(D) into

25. Your teacher is not satisfied ……….. your study. 

(A) with 

(B) by

(C) on 

(D) in

26. He should take care .. … his health. 

(A) in 

(B) of

(C) into 

(D) with

27. We drink …………. Water. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article 

28. I hope to be …………. engineer. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

29. ………… Our leader win the election. 

(A) May 

(B) Can

(C) Will 

(D) Need not

30. You.. ……. pay your taxes. :

(A) might 

(B) may

(C) can 

(D) ought to

11. Priya knows me well. (Change into passive voice) 

(A) Me is know by Priya well.

(B) I am known to Priya well.

(C) I am know by Priya well. 

(D) I know priya well.

32. Do it. (Change into passive voice) 

(A) Let is be done .

(B) Let’s do it.”

(C) Let do it. 

(D) Let it be do.

33. The synonym of ‘Hermit 

(A) robber 

(B) theif

(C) monk 

(D) priest

34. Ann said, “I want to go to Jaipur next week.” (Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) Ann said that she wants to go to Jaipur the following week

(B) Ann said that she wanted to go to Jaipur the following week. 

Ann said that she wants going to Jaipur next week.

(D) Ann wants to go to Jaipur next week.

35. Heena says to me, “I shall see you here tomorrow.” (Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) Heena says to me if he should see me there tomorrow.

(B) Heena says to me that he should see me there the next day.

(C) Heena says that she will see me there the next day.

(D) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’.

36. Choose the Correct Sentence. 

(A) I have a homework to do.

(B) I have homework to do.

(C) I has homework to do. 

(D) I will has homework to do.

37. Choose the Correct Sentence. 

(A) Dr. Sinha is an University Professor. 

(B) Dr. Sinha has University Professor

(C) Dr. Sinha is a University Professor. 

(D) Dr. Sinha is some University Professor.

38. ‘A red letter day’ means 

(A) A dangerous day 

(B) A sorrowful day 

(C) An important day

(D) None of these

39. Choose the correctly spelt word.. 

(A) Ninety 

(B) Ninty

(C) Ninnety. 

(D) Nininty.

40. One who depends on and belives in fate’ called 

(A) Anarchist 

(B) Meticulous

(C) Fatalist 

(D) Iconoclast:

41. Happiness is largely a—

(A) mental condition 

(B) physical condition

(C) disease 

(D) imagination

42. Mahatma Gandhi was more a 

(A) politician 

(B) economist

(C) social reformer

(D) spiritual leader

43. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in—. 

(A) Delhi

(B) Karnataka

(C) Chennai 

(D). Hyderabad

44. Nanukaka in a linguistic emergency always turned to 

(A) English 

(B) Hindi

(C) His mother-tongue 

(D) sanskrit 

45. Bertrand Russell died in– 

(A) 1940 

(B) 1950

(C) 1960 

(D) 1970

46. Russell was awarded Nobel Prize for ……

(A) philosophy 

(B) literature

(C) medicine 

(D) economics

47. Seibi lived in a 

(A) village 

(B) town

(C) city 

(D) harbour town

48. A big circulation spells bankruptey if the paper has to depend on

(A) the sales 

(B) advertisers

(C) salers 

(D) None of these

49. The policy of a newspaper is largely determined by 

(A) the government

(B) the public 

(C) the proprietor

(D) None of these

50. The name of Lomov’s dog is — 

(A) Leap 

(B) Guess

(C) Tomy 

(D) None of these

51. The peasants used the land for— 

(A) thirty years 

(B) fifty years

(C) forty years 

(D) None of these

52. Who has composed the poem ‘Song of Myself”? 

(A) Walt Whitman

(B) Tennyson

(C) Emerson : 

(D) None of these

53. Whitman was ……….. poet.

(A) an Indian 

(B) an American

(C) a British 

(D) None of these

54. ‘Ode To Autumn’ is.

(A) an epic 

(B) an elegy

(C) an ode 

(D) a ballad

55. In ‘Ode To Autumn’ Keats deals with ……… in detail. 

(A) Spring 

(B) Winter

(C) Summer 

(D) Autumn

56. Who has composed the poem, ‘The Soldier’? 

(A) Rupert Brooke

(B) T.S. Eliot 

(C) D.H. Lawrence

(D) W.H. Auden

57. Rupert Brooke was born in. 

(A) 1886 

(B) 1887

(C) 1888 

(D) 1889

58. Who has composed the poem, ‘Snake’? 

(A) D.H. Lawrence

(B) T.S. Eliot 

(C) W.B. Yeats

(D) None of these

59. D.H. Lawrence was …..

(A) a fiction writer 

(B) a poet

(C) a short story-writer

(D) All of these

60. Kamala Das was born in.. 

(A) 1933 

(B) 1934

(C) 1935 

(D) 1936


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