12th English 100 Marks

Bihar Board 12th Inter 2020 English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set 5

Bihar Board 12th Inter Exam 2020 English 100 marks VVI Objective Model Set 5 On New latest pattern Practice Set

1. He is taller than you ……….. two inches. 

(A) at 

(B) for

(C) by 

(D) of

2. Have you seen …………. Taj Mahal?

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

3. I ………… speak spanish. 

(A) does not 

(B) have not

(C) do not 

(D) had not

4. Iam …………. my bed. 

(A) making 

(B) make

(C) to make 

(D) had making

5. Wisdom is ………… gift of heaven. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D No Article

6. Grandma is arriving ……….. the 3:30 pm train. 

(A) at 

(B) over

(C) by 

(D) on

7. I have not seen him ………… his last birthday.

(A) since 

(B) by

(C) for 

(D) upon

8. Choose the correct sentences 

(A) Your information are correct.

(B) You correct are information.

(C) Your information is correct. 

(D) You information has correct.

9. The train is very crowded. That is usual. (Choose the correct combination)

(A) The train is usually very crowded.

(B) The train will be very crowded.

(C) The train had been very crowded. 

(D) The train can be very crowded.

10. She first met me …………. year ago. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

11. ………….. apple fell from …. ………. tree. 

(A) A, an 

(B) An, a

(C) The, a 

(D) No Article

 12. …………. Italian come to see me ………. hour ago.. 

(A) A, an

(B) An, an

(C) The, the 

(D) No Article

13. Copper is ………… useful metal. 

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

14. She jumped ………… the well. 

(A) in 

(B) into

(C) by 

(D) on 

15. You must beware …………. tigers.

(A) of 

(B) in

(C) at 

(D) to

16. He is tired of play.He wants to rest. (Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) Being tired of play, he wants to rest.

(B) He is tired so can rest.

(C) He is tired of play so want rest. 

(D) None of these

17. Satish is my friend. He plays cricket with me. (Choose the correct option of combination)

(A) Satish, my friend, plays cricket with me.

(B) Satish is play cricket with me.

(C) Satish is my friend and plays cricket with me. 

(D) None of these

18. The train ……… just arrived. 

(A) do 

(B) does

(C) have 

(D) has

19. His two sons ………… still very young. 

(A) is 

(B) are

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) none of these

20. Each one of you ………… to collect a few rupees. 

(A) do 

(B) does

(C) have 

(D) has

21. Choose the correct sentence. 

(A) He gave me thank.

(B) He gave I thank. 

(C) He gave me thanks.

(D) He gave I thanks.

22. Choose the correct sentence. 

(A) He thinks he is Nepolean.

(B) He thinks he is a Napolean.

(C) He think he is Napolean.. 

(D) None of these

23. The antonym of ‘Catch’— 

(A) Drop 

(B) Pick

(C) Give 

(D) Throw

24. He quarrelled …………. my brother. 

(A) in 

(B) by

(C) with 

(D) of


25. The thieves broke ………… his house. 

(A) in 

 (B) into

(C) by 

(D) with

26. Ramesh is senior …………. me. 

(A) of 

(B) to

(C) from 

(D) in

27. He behaves like …………. fool. .

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article

28. Don’t trust that fellow, he is ……….. liar.  

(A) a 

(B) an

(C) the 

(D) No Article 

29. The earth …………, around the sun.

 (A) revolve 

(B) revolves

(C) both (A) and (B).

(D) none of these

30. The children … …. their milk twice everyday, 

(A) drink 

(B) drinks

(C) drinking 

(D) none of these

31. Don’t walk on the grass. (Change into passive voice) 

(A) You are forbidden to walk on the grass.

(B) You are requested to don’t walk on the grass.

(C) Let’s don’t walk on the grass… 

(D) None of the above.

32. He has been singing a song for two yours. (Change into passive voice) 

(A) A song has been sung by him for two hours.

(B) A song has been being sung by him for two hours.

(C) A long has been singing by he for two hours. 

(D) None of these.

33. The synonym of ‘Journey’— 

(A) trip 

(B) mountain

(C) road 

(D) bus

34. Alex shouted, “Let me go.” (Choose the correct indirect narration) 

(A) Alex shouted to let me go. 

(B) Alex shouted for let him go.

(C) Alex shouted at them to let him go. 

(D) Alex shouted at let him go.

35. A clever mouse said to all, “Let’s bell the cat.” (Choose the correct indirect narration)

(A) A clever mouse proposed all that they should bell the cat.

(B) A clever mouse proposed to all that they should bell the cat.

(C)A clever mouse suggested that they must bell the cat.

(D) A clever mouse suggested all that they would bell the cat. ‘

36. Choose the Correct Sentence. 

(A) My son looks like I.

(B) My son looks like me. 

(C) My son looks like your.

(D) My son looks like they.

37. Choose the Correct sentence. 

(A) He requested I to go there.

(B) He requested I to go there.

(C) He requested I go there. 

(D) He requested me go there. 

38. ‘Bad blood’ means 

(A) Shooting 

(B) Anaemia

(C) Enmity 

(D) Mourning

39. Choose the correctly spelt word. 

(A) Narsary 

(B) Nersery

(C) Nirsary 

(D) Nursery

40. ‘Land on the edge of the sea’ called 

(A) City 

 (B) Island

(C) Coast 

(D) Iceland

41. Our ancestors dissuaded us from 

(A) politics 

(B) luxuries and pleasure

(C) morality 

(D) spirituality

42. People in ancient days were satisfied with 

(A) towns 

(B) cities

(C) mega cities 

(D) villages

43. Dr. Radhakrishnan explained exceptionally 

(A) Indian economics

(B) Indian philosophy

(C) Indian politics 

(D) Indian civilization

44. I Have a Dream’ is a speech delivered by King on

(A) August 28, 1963

(B) June 28, 1965

(C) May 28, 1953 

(D) April, 28, 1973

45. The taming of domestic animals made life 

(A) pleasanter 

(C) harmful 

(D) None of these

46. ‘Ideas That Have Helped Mankind’ has been written by— 

(A) G. Greer 

(B) D. L. Sayers

(C) H.E. Bates 

(D) B. Russell 

47. In Bangladesh children are looked after by the 

(A) father only 

(B) mother only

(C) whole family .

(D) None of these

48. Who has written ‘A Child is Born’? 

(A) B. Russell 

(B) S. Naoya

(C) G. Greer 

(D) None of these

49. Benjy’s parents planned for a ceremony when he was 

(A) thirty 

(B) twenty-five

(C) twenty-one 

(D) fifteen

50. H. E. Bates was born in– 

(A) 1906 

(B) 1905

(C) 1915 

(D) 1925

51. Natalia is 

(A) a shrew 

(B) an insane

(C) a peace-loving

(D) None of these

52. Lomov proposed Natalia 

(A) directly  

(B) indirectly

(C) hesitatingly 

(D) None of these 

53. Whitman was born in ………

(A) 1817 

(B) 1818

(C) 1819 

(D) 1820

54. Song of Myself’ is …. 

(A) a lyric 

(B) an epic

(C) a sonnets 

(D) None of these

55. Keats was …………. poet. 

(A) a romantic 

(B) a victorian

(C) modern 

(D) None of these

56. Who called ‘Ode To Autumn’ Keats most satisfying of all the odes? 

(A) Dryden 

(B) Coleridge

(C) Wordsworth

(D) Arthur Compton-Rickett 

57. Brooke inspired patribtism in the ………. phase of he First World war. 

(A) early 

(B) middle

(C) late 

(D) None of these

58. Who has composed the poem, ‘Macavity : The Mystery Cat’? 

(A) T. S. Eliot 

(B) W. B. Yeats

(C) W. H. Auden

(D) None of these

59. Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in ………….. 

(A) 1947 

(B) 1948

(C) 1949 

(D) 1950

60. Who is the speaker in the poem, ‘Snake’? 

(A) Donne 

(B) Whitman

(C) Keats 

(D) D. H. Lawrence


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