12th Chemistry In English

BSEB 12th Chemistry Most Important Objective MCQ Question Chapter Wise


1. Which one of the following is not an ore of zinc ? 

(A) Zinc blende 

(B) Calamine

(C) Zincite 

(D) Bauxite

Answer :- (D)

2. Which of the following metals does not liberate hydrogen gas on reactions with acid ? 

(A) Fe

(B) Zn

(C) Cu  

(D) Mg

Answer :- (C)

3. Which of the following statement is true ? 

(A) All ores are minerals

(B) All minerals are ore

(C) All alkalis are not bases

 (D) All of these 

Answer :- (A)

4. Mineral from which metal is extracted, is called : 

(A) Ore 

(B) Gangue

(C) Slag 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

5. Which of the following oxides is reduced in blast furnace ? 

(A) Oxide of iron 

(B) Oxide of copper

(C) Sodium oxide 

(D) Zinc oxide

Answer :- (A)

6. When a metal oxide is heated with carbon, then metal is formed, MxOy + yC → XM + yCO, here carbon acts as : 

(A) oxidising agent

(B) Reducing agent

(C) Stabilizer 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

7. The chief ore of copper is : 

(A) Copper pyrite 

(B) Copper Glance

 (C) Galena 

(D) Siderite

Answer :- (B)

8. Concentration of sulphide ore is done by : 

(A) froth flotation process

(B) electrolysis

(C) roasting 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

9. Malachite is an ore of 

(A) iron 

(B) copper

(C) zinc

(D) silver 

Answer :- (B)

10. Formula of copper Pyrite is :

(A) Cu2S

(B) CuFeS

(C) CuFeS2

(D) Cu2Fe2S2

Answer :- (C)

11. Ore of aluminium is : 

(A) bauxite 

(B) hematite

(C) dolomite 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

12. Chief ore of Iron is : 

(A) Magnetite 

(B) Siderite

 (C) Hacinatite 

(D) All

Answer :- (D)

13. A process of heating ore of a metal in excess of air below it melting point is called : 

(A) Roasting 

(B) Smelting

(C) Calcination 


Answer :- (A)

14. Copper metal is purified by which of the following method 

(A) Electrolytic refining

(B) Zone refining

(C) Chromatography

(D) None 

Answer :- (A)

15. The oil used as frothing agent in froth floatation process is :

(A) coconut oil 

(B) castor oil

(C) palmitic oil 

(D) pine oil 

Answer :- (D)

16. Which of the following metals is not extracted by leaching ? 

(A) Aluminium 

(B) Mercury

(C) Silver 

(D) gold 

Answer :- (B)

17. Sulphide ore of zinc/copper is concentrated by : 

(A) floatation process

(B) electromagnetic process 

(C) gravity separation

(D) distillation

Answer :- (A)

18. Common impurities present in bauxite are : 

(A) Cuo 

(B) Zno

(C) CaO 

(D) SiO2

Answer :- (D)

19. Heating pyrites to remove sulphur is called : 

(A) smelting 

(B) calcination

(C) liquation 

(D) roasting 

Answer :- (D)

20. Electrolytic refining is used to purify which of the following metals ?

(A) Cu and Zn 

(B) Ge and Si

(C) Zr and Ti 

(D) Zn and Hg 

Answer :- (A)

21. Dolamite mineral contains 

(A) Mg

(B) AI

(C) Ca 

(D) K 

Answer :- (A)

22. Name important ore of aluminium 

(A) Bauxite 

(B) Cryolite

(C) Croundum 

(D) None 

Answer :- (A)

23. NaOH is known as ? 

(A) Caustic soda 

(B) Washing soda

(C) Caustic Potash 

(D) All 

Answer :- (A)

24. The formula of blue vitriol is : 

(A) CuSO

(B) CuSO4.5H2O

(C) CaSO4.2H2

(D) None

Answer :- (B)

25. Which of the following method is used for the concentration of zinc blende ore ? 

(A) Gravity separation process

(B) Magnetic separation process

(C) Froth floatation process

(D) None of these 

Answer :- (C)

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