12th Chemistry In English

BSEB 12th Chemistry Important Objective Question on Latest Pattern Surface Chemistry Chapter


1. Tyndall effect is not found is :

(A) sugar solution

(B) colloidal solution of gold

(C) suspension

(D) emulsion 

Answer :- (A)

2. Chemical adsorption reaction is : 

(A) reversible 

(B) irreversible

(C) polymerisation 

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

3. Volume of one mole of any gas at NTP is : 

(A) 11.2 litre

(B) 22.4 litre

(C) 10.2 litre 

(D) 22.8 litre 

Answer :- (B)

4. Tyndall effect confirms the : 

(A) gravity effect on the sol particles

(B) light scattering by the sol particles

(C) heterogeneous nature of sols 

(D) Brownian motion of the sol particles

Answer :- (C)

5. Which one of the following is a lyophilic colloid ? 

(A) Milk 

(B) Gum

(C) Fog 

(D) Blood 

Answer :- (B)

6. Shape-selective catalysis is a reaction catalysed by 

(A) zeolite 

(B) enzymes

(C) platinum 

(D) Ziegler-Natta catalyst 

Answer :- (A)

7. Which of the following types of metals make the most efficient catalyst ?

(A) Alkali metals 

(B) Transition metals

(C) Inner transition metals

(D) Alkaline earth metals 

Answer :- (B)

8. The oxide of nitrogen which acts as a catalyst in lead chamber process is :

(A) NO 

(B) NO2

(C) N2O4

(D) H2O5

Answer :- (A)

9. The activity of an enzyme becomes ineffective 

(A) at low temperature

(B) at atmospheric pressure

(C) at high temperature

(D) in aqueous medium 

Answer :- (C)

10. Which of the following will not form a colloidal system : 

(A) Solid gas 

(B) Liquid-gas

(C) Gas-gas 

(D) Gas-liquid

Answer :- (C)

11. Fog is an example of colloidal system of: 

(A) liquid in gas 

(B) gas in liquid

(C) solid in gas 

(D) gas in solid

Answer :- (A)

12. Which of the following acts as the best coagulating agent for ferric hydroxide sol ?

(A) Potassium ferrocyanide

(B) Potassium chloride

(C) Potassium oxalate 

(D) Aluminium chloride 

Answer :- (A)

13. The formation of micelles takes place only above 

(A) critical temperature

(B) Kraft temperature

(C) inversion temperature

(D) absolute temperature 

Answer :- (B)

14. The size of colloidal particles ranges between 

(A) 10-7 – 10-8 cm 

(B) 10-9 – 10-11 cm 

(C) 10-4 – 10-7 cm

(D) 10-2 – 10-3 cm

Answer :- (C)

15. Tyndall effect can be observed in a :- 

(A) solvent

(B) precipitate 

(C) colloidal solution

(D) solution

Answer :- (C)

 16. At high concentration of soap in water, soap behaves as …….. 

(A) molecular colloid

(B) associated colloid

(C) macromolecular colloid

(D) lyophilic colloid 

Answer :- (B)

17. Freshly prepared precipitate sometimes gets converted to colloidal solution by …….

(A) coagulation 

(B) electrolysis

(C) diffusion 

(D) peptisation

Answer :- (D)

18. Which of the following process is responsible for the formation of delta at a place where rivers meet the sea ?

(A) Emulsification 

(B) Colloid formation

(C) Coagulation 

(D) Peptisation

Answer :- (C)

19. A catalyst is a substance which : 

(A) Increases the equilibrium concentration of the product

(B) Changes the equilibrium constant of the reaction

(C) Shoftens the time to reach equilibrium

(D) Supplies energy to the reaction 

Answer :- (C)

20. Which of the following is an example of solid-solid system? 

(A) Smoke 

(B) Cake

(C) Synthetic gems 

(D) Pumice stone

Answer :- (C)

21. P2O2 is a good : 

(A) Absorbend 

(B) Absorbent

(C) Reducing agent 

(D) Bleaching of colour 

Answer :- (B)

22. Which gas is absorbed strongly by charcoal ? 

(A) CO2

(B) NH3

(C) NCl3

(D) H2

Answer :- (A)

23. Which of the following gives yellow or brown precipitate with alkaline Nessler’s reagent?

(A) CO2

(B) NH3

(C) NaCl

(D) KI

Answer :- (D)

24. Copper sulphate solution on treatment with excess of KI gives whitish precipitate. The precipitate is : 

(A) CuI2

(B) Cu2I2

(C) Cu2SO2

(D) I2

Answer :- (A)

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