12th Physics Question

Class 12th Physics Chapter 3 Current Electricity Imoprtant Objective Question

Current Electricity

1. Which one of the following is the best material for making connecting wires?

(A) Nichrome 

(B) Tungsten

(C) Copper 

(D) Manganese

Answer:- C

2. Fuse-wire is made of which material ?

(A) Copper 

(B) Tungsten

(C) Lead-Tin Alloy

(P) Nichrome

Answer:- A

3. Three resistors of resistance Reach are combined in various ways. Which of the following cannot be obtained ? 

(A) 3R

(B) 2R/4

(C) R/3 

(D) 2R/3 

Answer:- B

 4. A 220 V, 1000 W Bulb is connected to a 110V supply. The power consumed by bulb will be :

(A) 750 W 

(B) 500 W

(C) 250 W 

(D) 1000 W 

Answer:- C

5. If on increasing the temperature, resistance decreases then it is :

(A) Superconductor

(B) Semiconductor 

(C) Insulator

 (D) None of these

Answer:- B

6. The wire of an electric heater (100W,200V) is cut from middle into two equal parts. These parts are connected together in parallel and then connected to the same 200V source. The power liberated is now :

(A) 40 W

(B) 50 W

(C) 25 W 

(D) 200 W 

Answer:- A

7. You are given three resistances each of one ohm. The maximum resistance that can be obtained by their combination is

(A) 1 ohm 

(B) 1 / 2 ohm

(C) 2 ohm 

(D) 3 Ω

Answer:- D

8. In the figure, the equivalent resistance between ‘a’ and ‘b’ is 


(A) 1 Ω

(B) 3 Ω

(C) 6 Ω

(D) None of these 

Answer:- A

9. The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is 

(A) infinite

(B) zero

(C) 50000 Ω

(D)None of these 

Answer:- A

10. The resistance of an ideal ammeter is 

(A) zero 

(B) very small

(C) very large 

(D) infinite 

Answer:- A

11. The resistance of a resistor is R. It is in series with a variable resistance. Initially both the resistance are equal. The total initial resistance is 

(A) R

(B) 2R

(C) R / 2

(D) zero

Answer:- B

12. The equivalent resistance between points A and B of the given circuit is, 

(A) R

(B) R / 2

(C) 2R

(D) None of these 

Answer:- A

13. The SI unit of temperature co-efficient of resistivity is 

(A) Ω mK-1

(B) K-1

(C) Ω-1 

(D) Sm-1

Answer:- B

14. If the temperature is increased by 3°C, the value of temperature co-efficient of resistivity. 

(A) increases 

(B) decreases

(C) remains almost the same

(D) None of these 

Answer:- C

15. The temperature of electric bulb just after it is switched on 

(A) goes on increasing 

(B) first decreases then decreases

(C) first decreases then increases 

(D) first increases and then becomes constant

Answer:- D

16. The heat generated by a 100W heater in 2 minutes is equal to which of the following?

(A) 4 x 103

(B) 6 x 103 J

(C) 10 x 103J

(D) 12 x 103J

Answer:- D

17. A heater is rated as 1000W, 230V. Its resistance is 

(A) 22.9 Ω 

(B) 32.9 Ω

(C) 42.9 Ω 

(D) 52.9 Ω

Answer:- D

18. The resistance of a metal, when heated, goes on

(A) decreasing this

(B) increasing 

(C) remaining the same

(D) becoming zero

Answer:- B

19. The Kirchhoff’s point rule obeys the principle of conservation of

(A) energy 

(B) charge

(C) momentum

(D) mass 

Answer:- B

20. The property of a circuit that converts electrical energy into thermal energy is called,

(A) resistance

(B) current

(C) voltage 

(D) electromotive force

Answer:- A

21. The cause of flow of current in a conductor is different in 

(A) resistance

(B) temperature 

(C) electric potential

(D) None of these

Answer:- C

22. When a cell of emf 2V is connected in circuit, a maximum of 5A current is obtained. Its internal resistance in ohm is 

(A) 0.4

(B) 10

(C) 2.5

(D) 7

Answer:- A

23. If the resistance in a circuit at constant potential difference is halved, the heat generated will became

(A) half 

(B) double

(C) four times

(D) unchanged

Answer:- B

24. The electrical appliances in our houses are connected across supply switch in

(A) series 

(B) parallel

(C) mixed grouping

(D) None of these

Answer:- B

25. Negative charges flow from 

(A) low to high potential

(B) high to low potential

(C) independent of potential where

(D) None of these 

Answer:- A

26. The current passing through a thermocouple is called 

(A) Seebeck current

(B) Joule current 

(C) Peltier current

(D) None of these

Answer:- A

27. Wheatstone bridge is used to measure 

(A) electromotive force

(B) current

(C) resistance 

(D) charge 

Answer:- C

28. Thermo-couple is a device that converts 

(A) electrical energy into thermal energy

(B) mechanical energy into thermal energy

(C) thermal energy into electrical energy 

(D) None of these

Answer:- C

29. The specific resistance of conductor increase with: 

(A) increase of temperature

(B) increase of cross-sectional area

(C) decrease of the cross-sectional area

(D) decrease in length 

Answer:- A

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