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Sketch Justify Title The Character of David Copperfield

Sketch The Character of David Copperield / Uriah Heep / Justify the Title of David Copperfield

Character-sketch of David copperfield—

Every character in the story has a place somewhere in the de sign. His comic characters are best drawn in this novel. 2010 “The inventive power of Dickens,” says A. C. Ward, “in 2 none of his other books indulged itself so aboundantly in the creation of eccentric characters, but neither was it in any so admirably tempered by taste and feelings. It contains no characters which could strictly be called grotesque, unless it be little Miss Mowcher.

Mr. Dick be longs to a species of eccentric personages-mad people in a world-for which Dickens as a writer had a curious liking but though there is, consequently no true humour such as Sterne or Dickens could have drawn But Mr. Micawber, Whatever features may have been transferred to him, is the type of a whole race of men who will not vanish from the face of the earth so long as the hope which lives eternal in the human breast, is only temporarily suspended by the laws of debtor and creditor, and is always capable of revival with the aid of a bowl of mil-punch.

So from the point of view of characterisation also, the novel is significant in many ways. Its characters have, immense variety and vitality. They are drawn from various walks of life and from all levels of society. They have been visualised vividly and distinctly. This remarkable vivid ness arises from the fact that, this being an autobiographical novel,

the characters have been drawn, and the world has been looked at, through the eyes of a child David, Now a child’s imagination tends to exaggerate any peculiarities that happen to impress it. 

Character Sketch of Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is the village of the novel “David Copperfield”. He is black hearted and mischievous. He perceives in David a rival and becomes a rival himself. He has false designs on Agnes. He makes money by black means. He is the Logo of “Dickens”. He meanness is incomparable. He betrays everybody. He betrays even Mr. Wickfield, his very saviour. He is dishonest and ungrateful. He is cheat and liar. 

Uriah Heep is the clerk of Mr. Wickfield. David first meet Heep at his house. At that time, he is a mere boy of fifteen, but he looks much older. His hair is red and he has no eyebrows or eye lashes. He has long, lean and skeleton hands which are very damp and cold. He is high shouldered. 

He is very cunningly and deceitfully learns from David the secrets of Mr. Wickfield’s business and private life. He also makes the acquaintance with Micawber through David. Later Heep enters into partnership with Mr. Wickfield and Mr. Micawber takes up a clerk under him (Heep). Micawber is poorly paid. Mr. Wickfield hands over the entire business to Uria Heep, trusting and depending on him; Heep pretends humility but all his humility is mere a show. He is highly ambitious and uses all his intelligence for his selfish motive and to deceive Mr. Wickfield.

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He goes to any exent for wealth rank, position and power. He studies law also, not to become a lawyer but to use the legal intricacies, to use them in his plot against Wickfield on certain important documents. It resulted in Wickfield’s financial hardship and he is compelled to make him (Heep) partner in his firm. Later on he commits more forgeries. It causes the downfall of his own master (Wickfield). Now Mr. Wickfield becomes financially dependent on him and Heep becomes the real master of the firm. 

More acts of his deceitness

 Uriah Heep is a source of misery and suffering to so many people. He is also the source of miseries to his master Wickfield and his daughter, ‘Agnes’. Other persons being cheated by him are Micawber and Miss Betsy Trotwood. He becomes an obstacle in David’s marriage with Dora, the daughter of Mr. Spenlow. David’s poverty becomes a hindrance which happens due to Heep’s villainy.


At last he suffers of his own cunningness. God’s ways are sure and just. Heep’s villainy at last recoils upon his head. He is caught in the very trap he has prepared. Mr. Micawber, most wisely proves him a great liar, cheat and a i villain in true sense. He is convicted of fraud, forgery and į conspiracy in a bank case and is sentenced to transportation of life. Thus Uriah Heep is punished for his act of Fraud, forgery  and other evils.

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