12th Biology Question in English

Class 12th Biology VVI Objective MCQ Human Health and Diseases Chapter in English


1. AIDS’ is a type of : 

(A) Bacterial disease

(B) Viral disease

(C) Fungal disease

(D) Protozoan disease 

Answer :- (B)

2. Name the types of cells that produce antibodies : 

(A) A-Cells 

(B) B-Cells

(C) T-Cells 

(D) All of these

Answer :- (B)

3. Antibodies in our body are : 

(A) Steroids 

(B) Lipoprotein

(C) Glycoprotein 

(D). All of these

Answer :- (C)

4. Which infective stage of plasmodium occurs in man? 

(A) Sporozoite stage 

(B) Merozoite stage

(C) Criptozoite stage 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

5. Which of the following are cancerous cells ? 

(A) Plasma cells 

(B) Hela cells

(C) Memory cells 

(D) T-cells

Answer :- (B)

6. Retrovirus is causal organism of which of the following diseases ? 

(A) Syphilis


(C) Filaria 

(D) Both (A) and (B) 

Answer :- (B)

7. Which disease is found in hen ? 

(A) Smut 

(B) Cholera

(C) Ranikhet 

(D) Both ‘B’ & ‘C’

Answer :- (D)

8. Oncology is the study of : 

(A) Cancer 

(B) Oncogenes 

(C) Virus 

(D) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ 

Answer :- (D)

9. HIV attacks which of the following cells ? 

(A) B cell

(B) T cell

(C) Epithelial cell

(D) T helper cell

Answer :- (D)

10. Which of the following is a sexually Transmitted Disease ? 

(A) Typhoid 

(B) Cholera

(C) Malaria 

(D) Syphilis 

Answer :- (D)

11. Triple antigen vaccine is not used for : 

(A) for diphtheria 

(B) for pertusis

(C) for typhoid 

(D) for tetanus

Answer :- (C)

12. Virus is made up of: 

(A) Protein 

(B) Protein and nucleic acid

(C) Lipid and protein

(D) DNA and RNA

Answer :- (B)

13. Viruses are studied in : 

(A) Psychology

(B) Protein and nucleic acid

(C) Bryology 

(D) Embryology

Answer :- (B)

14. Increased skin cancer and high mutation rate are due to: 

(A) acid rain 

(B) Ozone depletion

(C) CO pollution 

(D) CO2 pollution

Answer :- (B)

15. Widal test is done to confirm :

(A) Malaria

(B) Typhoid


(D) Cancer

Answer :- (B)

16. Sexually transmitted disease is : 

(A) measles

(B) T.B.

(C) gonorrhoea 

(D) Typhoid

Answer :- (C)

17. Elephantiasis is caused by : 

(A) Ascaris

(B) Taenia

(C) Wuchereria 

(D) Entamoeba

Answer :- (C)

18. Which among the following is not a bacterial diseases ? 

(A) Typhoid

(B) Leprosy 

(C) Diptheria

(D) Influenza 

Answer :- (D)

19. The substances to which an immune response is produced are called : 

(A) Allergens

(B) Vaccines

(C) Antibodies 

(D) Antigens 

Answer :- (C)

20. The antibodies produced in allergy are of which type ? 

(A) IgA type 

(B) IgE type

(C) IgM type 

(D) IgG type

Answer :- (B)

21. Chemical released due to allergy are : 

(A) Histamine 

(B) Serotonin

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) none of these

Answer :- (A)

22. LSD is got from: 

(A) Fungus

(B) Lichen 

(C) Algae 

(D) Bacterium

Answer :- (A)

23. The drug that functions as depressant of CNS is : 

(A) Amphetamine 

(B) Caffeine

(C) Opium 

(D) Cocaine 

Answer :- (C)

24. Which of the following protein is secreted by virus infected cell ? 

(A) Interleukin 

(B) Interferon 

(C) Tumour necrosis factor

(D) All of these

Answer :- (B)

25. Food poisoning is due to the contamination of:. 

(A) Escherichia coli 

(B) Salmonella

(C) Clostridium 

(D) Pseudomonas

Answer :- (A) 

26. What happens, which the regular dose of Alcohol is stopped ? 

(A) Expression of withdrawl syndrome 

(B) Non functioning of liver

(C) Over all improvement of health in person.

(D) All of these 

Answer :- (A)

27. Which of the following disease is spread by contaminated drinking water ? 

(A) Typhoid 

(B) Malaria

(C) Filaria 

(D) Kala azar

Answer :- (A)

28. Heroin is the form of 

(A) Aesthetic 

(B) Increment of Hallucination 

(C) Irritation

(D) All of the above 

Answer :- (B)

29. World AIDS day is : 

(A) 1 May 

(B) 20 December

(C) 1 June 

(D) 1 December

Answer :- (D) 

30. PCR is test for : 


(B) Cancer

(C) Tuberculosis 

(D) Cholera

Answer :- (A)

31. Which organ of body is most affected by excessive intake of alcohol : 

(A) Lungs 

(B) Liver

(C) Stomach 

(D) Spleen

Answer :- (B)

32. Common cold is caused by : 

(A) Retro virus 

(B) Phage virus

(C) Rhino virus 

(D) Sendai virus

Answer :- (C)

33. Gonorrhoea is caused by : 

(A) By Treponema pallidium

(B) By Entamoeba gingivalis

(C) By Mycobacterium laprae

(D) By Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Answer :- (D)

34. Disease associated with secretion of toxin is: 

(A) TB 


(C) Tetanus 

(D) Food poisoning

Answer :- (C)

35. Which part of poppy plant yields opium :

(A) Latex from unripe capsules

(B) Dried roots

(C) Dried leaves

(D) Dried seeds 

Answer :- (A)

36. Kala-azar is transmitted by : 

(A) By Sand fly 

(B) By Tse tse fly

(C) By House fly

(D) By Mosquitoes

Answer :- (A)

37. BCG vaccine is a preventive measure against : 

(A) Tuberculosis 

(B) Typhoid


(D) Cholera

Answer :- (A)

38. In certain cases for early and accurate detection of disease we may use : 


(B) Culture

(C) Chemical 

(D) Analytical

Answer :- (A)

39. Sickel-cell anemia is related to which type of disease ? 

(A) Sex linked disease

(B) Autosomal linked disease

(C) Deficiency disease

(D) Metabolic disease 

Answer :- (B)

40. Tuberculosis is transmitted by: 

(A) Air 

(B) Water

(C) Insect 

(D) Contact

Answer :- (A)

41. amp gene is responsible for developing resistance in : 

(A) Pest 

(B) Insect

(C) Antibiotic 

(D) Drought it

Answer :- (C)

42. Ascaris is most commonly found in : 

(A) Men 

(B) Women

(C) Children 

(D) Both A and B

Answer :- (C)

43. HIV that causes AIDS, first starts destroying :

(A) Helper T-lymphocytes

(B) B-lymphocytes

(C) Leucocytes 

(D) Thrombocytes

Answer :- (A)

44. Morphine obtained from opium is : 

(A) Latex 

(B) Pome

(C) Alkaloid 

(D) Tannin

Answer :- (C)

45. Typhoid fever in human beings is caused by : 

(A) Plasmodium vivax

(B) Trichophyton 

(C) Salmonella typhi

(D) Rhino viruses

Answer :- (C)

46. Amoelic dysentery (amoiebiasis) is caused by : 

(A) Entamoeba histolytica

(B) E. coli

(C) Streptococcus pneumoniae

(D) Trichophyton 

Answer :- (A)

47. Which of the following is not a lymphoid tissue ?

(A) Spleen 

(B) Tonsils

(C) Pancreas 

(D) Thymus 

Answer :- (C)

48. Haemozoin is a :

(A) precursor of hemoglobin

(B) toxin released from Streptococcus infected cells 

(C) toxin released from Plasmodium infected cells

(D) toxin released from Hacmophilus infected cells 

Answer :- (C)

49. One of the following is not the causal organism for ringworm :

(A) Microsporum 

(B) Trichophyton

(C) Epidemophyton

(D) Macrosporum

Answer :- (D)

50. Malaria is caused by : 

(A) Male culex mosquitoes

(B) Male Anopheles mosquitoes

(C) Female Anopheles mosquitoes

(D) Female Aedes mosquitoes 

Answer :- (C)

51. Leprosy disease is caused by :

(A) Bacteria 

(B) Virus

(C) Fungi 

(D) All of the above 

Answer :- (A)

52. Oncogene is responsible for:

(A) Cancer 


(C) Tuberculosis 

(D) Polio 

Answer :- (A)

53. Acetabularia is a type of : 

(A) Bacteria

(B) Algae 

(C) Protozoa 

(D) Single cell protein 

Answer :- (D)

54. Which one is a bacterial disease ? 

(A) Leprosy 

(B) Tuberculosis

(C) Cholera 

(D) All of these

Answer :- (D)

55. Which of the following is an example of autoimmune disease? 

(A) Asthma 

(B) Rheumatoid arthritis

(C) Cancer 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (B)

56. The immediate metabolic changes in the body noticed after consuming tobacco is : 

(A) Release of catecholamines due to stimulation of Adrenal gland

(B) Sudden increase in BP & Heart beat

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) None of these 

Answer :- (B)

57. Which of the following is a retro virus ? 

(A) Human Immune Deficiency virus

(B) Hepatitis Virus

(C) Micro virus influenzii 

(D) All of these

Answer :- (A)

58. Which of the following disease is generated by allergens ? 

(A) Skin canker 

(B) Hay fever 

(C) Enteric fever 

(D) Goitre

Answer :- (B)

59. Which one is vector of filaria ? 

(A) Male Culex mosquito 

(B) Male Anopheles mosquito

(C) Female Culex mosquito 

(D) Female Anopheles mosquito

Answer :- (C)

60. Ent amoeba is a :

(A) Bacteria 

(B) Algae 

(D) Fungi

(C) Protozoa 

Answer :- (C)

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