12th Biology Question in English

BSEB Inter Exam Biology Important MCQ Question Evolution Chapter in English


1. What is the scientific name of Modern man (Present Man)? 

(A) Homo habilis 

(B) Homo erectus

(C) Homo solensis

(D) Homo sapiens

Answer :- (D)

2. “The origin of species’ was written by:

(A) Charles Darwin

(B) Lamarck

(C) Miller 

(D) De Vries

Answer :- (A)

3. Man is a member of which order and belongs to which family in the following ? 

(A) Anthropoidea & pongidae

(B) Primates & pongidae 

(C) Primates & Hominidae

(D) None of these 

Answer :- (C)

4. Stanley Miller’s experiment supports : 

(A) Chemical theory

(B) Abiogenesis

(C) Biogenesis 

(D) Pangenesis

Answer :- (A)

5. Theory of chemical origin of life was proposed by : 

(A) Miller and Fox

(B) Oparin and Haldane

(C) Miller and Watson

(D) Watson and Melvin 

Answer :- (B)

6. Evolutionary history of an organism is known as: 

(A) Ontogeny 

(B) Phylogeny

(C) Ancestry 

(D) Palaenotology

Answer :- (B)

7. Which one provides most evident proof of evolution ? 

(A) Fossils 

(B) Vestigial organs

(C) Embryo 

(D) Morphology

Answer :- (A)

8. Non directional alteration in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is : 

(A) Gene flow 

(B) Mutation

(C) Genetic drift 

(D) Gene recombination 

Answer :- (C)

9. Hardy-Weinberg principle explains : 

(A) Chromosomal aberration

(B) Genetic drift 

(C) Genetic equilibrium

(D) All of these

Answer :- (C)

10. As per Neo-Darwinism, which is mainly responsible for evolution ?

(A) Mutation 

(B) Natural drift

(C) Both of these 

(D) All of these

Answer :- (B)

11. Book ‘Philosophique Zoologique’ was written by : 

(A) Lamarck 

(B) Mendel

(C) Darwin 

(D) Hugo-devries

Answer :- (A)

12. Darwin’s finches are good example of :

(A) Connecting link

(B) Adaptive radiation

(C) Convergent Evolution

(D) Industrial melanism 

Answer :- (B)

13. Wings of butterfly and birds are:

(A) Vestigial organs 

(B) Analogous organs

(C) Homologous organs

(D) Both A and C

Answer :- (B)

14. Theory of ‘Pangenesis’ was given by : 

(A) Darwin 

(B) Lamarch

(C) Weismann 

(D) de Vries

Answer :- (A)

15. Who proposed that the first form of life could have come from pre-existing non-living organic molecules ?

(A). S.L. Miller 

(B) Oparin and Haldane

(C) Charles Darwin

(D) Alfred Wallace

Answer :- (B)

16. First life form on earth was a : 

(A) cyanobacterium

(B) chemoheterotroph

(C) autotroph 

(D) photoautotroph

Answer :- (B)

17. According to Oparin, which one of the following was not present in the primitive atmosphere of the earth ?

(A) Methane 

(B) Oxygen

(C) Hydrogen 

(D) Water vapour

Answer :- (B)

18. One of the possible early sources of energy were/was : 

(A) CO2

(B) chlorophyll

(C) green plants 

(D) UV rays and lightening 

Answer :- (D)

19. Which of the following do not represent homologous structure? 

(A) Forelimb of whale, Bat, cheetah & human

(B) Thorns and tendrils of Bougain villea and Cucurbita

(C) Vertebrate heart & brain

(D) Flippers of penguins & dolphins 

Answer :- (C)

20. The first life originated : 

(A) on land

(B) in air 

(C) in water

(D) all of these

Answer :- (C)

21. Which of the following is not an example of vestigeal organ ?

(A) Cocoyx 

(B) Vermiform appendix

(C) Nictitating membrane

(D) Opacity of Eye

Answer :- (B)

22. Do reactors provide optimal conditions to produce desired : 

(A) Product

(B) Organism 

(C) Medium 

(D) all of these

Answer :- (D)

23. S.L. Miller is related to :

(A) Origin & Evolution of life

(B) Use and disuse theory of evolution

(C) Neo-Darwinism

(D) Neo-Lamarckism 

Answer :- (A)

24. Dryopithecus is more similar to : 

(A) Ape 

(B) Gorilla

(C) Chimpanzee 

(D) Mane

Answer :- (A)

25. Organic evolution was preceded by chemical evolution, the campions of this theory are: 

(A) A.I. Oparin and J.B.S. Haldane

(B) Charles Darwin

(C) Arrhenius

(D) Baptiste Lamarck 

Answer :- (A)

26. Which is not a vestigial organ in man? 

(A) Nictitating membrane

(B) Tail vertebrae

(C) Vermiform appendix

(D) Nails 

Answer :- (D)

27. Fossils are generally found in : 

(A) sedimentary rocks

(B) igneous rocks

(C) metamorphic rocks

(D) any type of rock 

Answer :- (A)

28. Which type of selection is industrial melanism observed in moth, Biston betularia :

(A) stablising 

(B) directional

(C) disruptive. 

(D) artificial

Answer :- (B)

29. Which of the following is an example for link species? 

(A) Lobe fish 

(B) Dodo bird

(C) Sea weed 

(D) Chimpanzee

Answer :- (A)

30. Which one is related to sequential evolution ? 

(A) Self pollination

(B) Cross pollination 

(C) Vegetative propagation

(D) Hybridization

Answer :- (B)

31. Adaptive radiation in Australian mursupials are example of : 

(A) Divergent evolution

(B) Convergent evolution

(C) Saltation 

(D) None of these

Answer :- (B)

32. Snow blindness in human being is caused by : 

(A) Absorption of UV.B radiation

(B) Absorption of infra radiation

(C) Absorption of cosmic radiation

(D) Erosion of cornea by snow 

Answer :- (A)

33. Theory of Inheritane of acquired characters was given by : 

(A) Darwin 

(B) Lamarck

(C) de-Vries 

(D) Haeckel

Answer :- (B)

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