12th English 100 Marks

BSEB 12th Exam English 100 marks VVI Objective Type Question With Answer On Latest Pattern, Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe Chapter VVI Objective Question Question 12th English 100 Marks

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

1. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe is written by ……… 

(A) John Donne

(B) Kamala Das

(C) D.H. Lawrence

(D) Walt Whitman

Answer :- (A)

2. The redness of the fire appears ……… to the poet.

(A) nice 

(B) cruel

(C) comfortable

(D) acceptable 

Answer :- (B)

3. John Donne is going to ……. leaving his wife behind.

(A) Germany 

(B) France

(C) England 

(D) Italy 

Answer :- (A)

4. …….. wants to gladly accept death. 

(A) T.S. Eliot 

(B) Walt Whitman

(C) John Donne

(D) John Keats

Answer :- (C)

5. John Donne thinks that ……… is certain.

 (A) death

(B) life

(C) work

(D) walking 

Answer :- (A)

6. John Donne wants to go away because he is not tired of his 

(A) father 

(B) brother

(C) sister 

(D) beloved 

Answer :- (D)

7. John Donne is a ……… poet. 

(A) British 

(B) German

(C) American 

(D) Indian 

Answer :- (A)

8. Who was forced to leave Oxford University without a degree?

(A) Walt Whitman

(B) W.H. Auden 

(C) John Donne

(D) None of these

Answer :- (C)

9. Who is well known for his Songs and Sonnets, Satires and Elegies and Sermons?

(A) John Donne

(B) W.H. Auden 

(C) Walt Whitman

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

10. Whose signs are like wind in the high seas? 

(A) W.H. Auden

(B) John Donne

(C) Walt Whitman

(D) None of these

Answer :- (B)

 11. Whose tears are like rain? 

(A) his wife’s 

(B) her husband

(C) his sister

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

12. Who will make quicker journeys then the sun? 

(A) John Donne

(B) Walt Whitman 

(C) W.H. Auden

(D) None of these 

Answer :- (A)

13. What does John Donne wish? 

(A) wishes nothing

(B) wishes his wife.

(C) wishes something

(D) None of these

Answer :- (A)

👉 Which one of the following is an Essay / a Short story / a Speech / a comedy (play)?

(i) Indian Civilization and Culture is an essay.

(ii) Bharat is My Home is a speech.

(iii) A Pinch of Snuff is a short story.

(iv) I Have a Dream is a speech. 

(v) The Artist is a short story,

(vi) A Child is Born is an essay.

(vii) How free is the press is an essay.

(viii) The Earth is a short story. 

(ix) India Through a Traveller’s Eyes is an essay. 

(x) A Marriage Proposal is a comedy (play). 

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